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Published 12:00 am Friday, August 6, 1999

still in works for city


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Published Aug. 6, 1999

Troy City Council member Jason Reeves has not forgotten Resolution 380, concerning post office operations, that was passed February 23 by the city council.

Reeves, along with city clerk Alton Starling have been actively seeking help from U.S. Senator Richard Shelby regarding the need for another postal branch in the city.

"We are trying to get traffic reduced at the current post office location," said Reeves, representative of district three where the branch is located. "Logistically the current location was poorly planned, and it has not had the opportunity to grow and expand the way the city has."

Starling has acted as the liason between the city and Senator Richard Shelby, R-Alabama.

"We make calls at least once a week to Senator Shelby’s office concerning this issue," said Starling. "Ideally we would like a completely different location to service the downtown area. Our local post office just doesn’t have that kind of funding available."

The calls have made some progess because Reid Cavnar, the state director for Shelby, has set up a meeting with Troy City Council for August 25 at 2 p.m. This is the first action taken from the federal side. During the visit a trip will be taken to the post office.

"We understand that Cavnar will come with a post office representative to see if there is a need for a different branch," said Starling. "We are looking at all options available, alternate facilities such as a service center and anything else to help the current situation."

When asked why he sought out Shelby’s assistance, Reeves had a clear answer.

"If you want anything to happen, you go to him on the federal level," said Reeves. "I just felt like that if we went to him he would help us."

But Reeves and Starling can not handle this situation alone. They are asking for help from local citizens.

"We need the public to call Shelby’s office to help us in this endeavor," said Reeves. "Those people in Washington need to hear from some people other than Alton and myself."

If you are an interested citizen and would like to see another post office in Troy, call Senator Shelby’s office at 202-224-5744, or e-mail his office at