Exploiting the American prom

By Tom Purcell Proms sure have gotten expensive these days. According to the San Jose Mercury News, high school kids spend nearly $4 billion annually ... Read more

Electing the coroner?

By Daniel Sutter This is an election year, the first state elections since I moved to Alabama.  I was surprised to learn that Alabama elects ... Read more

Kudos to city council for seeking public input

The city of Troy on Tuesday tabled consideration of an ordinance to address a much-needed leash law. The city leaders had discussed the law at ... Read more

Will summer be ‘hot as a fox’s behind’?

Mama had a funny way of saying things. Some of them I understood. Some I didn’t. When she would get real hot, she’d say “I’m ... Read more

The magic of disappearing bunnies

Years ago I wrote for a little weekly newspaper known as The Troy Progress. Recently, this “Chatter Box” suddenly came to mind as I wheeled ... Read more

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Opinion Columnists

College football and costs

The economic landscape of college football is rapidly changing. This is the first year of the Bowl Championship Series “plus one” playoff, and lucrative new ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Allen: I’m joining 21 other judges, endorsing McKinney

I stand with 21 Republican probate judges from across Alabama to support Judge Reese McKinney as the next Secretary of State. We made our endorsement ... Read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Garbage collection service expected

This letter is in response to the article on Tuesday, July 8 about the solid waste collection system being “broken”. Since the trash pick-up became ... Read more

Trash collection coverage appreciated

A huge THANK YOU to Jaine Treadwell and the others who are working on stories for the garbage customers of Pike County. Read more

Payday lending reform: Helping underdogs

I’ve always thought of my hometown, Troy, as “The Small City That Could,” punching above its weight and exceeding expectations. This December, Trojans will mark ... Read more | 2 comments

Jackson: Loggers, roads remain a concern

In January of 2013 the Pike County Commission determined to forgo a possible logging ordinance, after several meetings at which representatives from the logging industry ... Read more