Minimum wage, minimal help

The ongoing campaign to increase the minimum wage raises numerous issues, some of which I have weighed in on before. One of the most important ... Read more

Rising to meet changing face of ‘labor’

When Labor Day was created more than 115 years ago, the American worker was a different creature. Read more

Good girls don’t do snuff

Like a lot of women of my childhood, my grandmother dipped snuff. My granny said there wasn’t a thing in the world that couldn’t be made ... Read more

More scams mean added vigilance

It’s been said before but it bears repeating: Don’t give out any personal financial information over the phone. Read more

Economists’ cost confusion

Last week I discussed how college football illustrated how costs are less tangible than people suppose. Many decisions affect the cost of operating a football ... Read more

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Opinion Columnists

On economics and charity

The Johnson Center hosts a conference this week on “Philanthropy and the Economic Way of Thinking.” The conference will bring to Troy economists and graduate ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Allen: I’m joining 21 other judges, endorsing McKinney

I stand with 21 Republican probate judges from across Alabama to support Judge Reese McKinney as the next Secretary of State. We made our endorsement ... Read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Garbage collection service expected

This letter is in response to the article on Tuesday, July 8 about the solid waste collection system being “broken”. Since the trash pick-up became ... Read more

Trash collection coverage appreciated

A huge THANK YOU to Jaine Treadwell and the others who are working on stories for the garbage customers of Pike County. Read more

Payday lending reform: Helping underdogs

I’ve always thought of my hometown, Troy, as “The Small City That Could,” punching above its weight and exceeding expectations. This December, Trojans will mark ... Read more | 2 comments

Jackson: Loggers, roads remain a concern

In January of 2013 the Pike County Commission determined to forgo a possible logging ordinance, after several meetings at which representatives from the logging industry ... Read more