Steve Flowers

‘Newspaper Joe’ among survivors

The advent and proliferation of internet communication has caused newspaper readership to decline over recent years. It has hit close to home with the demise ... Read more

Labor Day brings campaigning

As we approach Labor Day, foremost on most Alabamians’ minds is the beginning of college football season. Traditionally, Labor Day has also marked the kickoff ... Read more

Inside the statehouse

We southerners can lay claim to a rich political legacy. We have enjoyed the most colorful political characters in U.S. political history. Our annals are ... Read more

Inside the statehouse

When Robert Bentley ran for Governor in 2010, he made a campaign promise that resonated with voters. He declared that he would not take a ... Read more

Local races will be most active

Last week we predicted that all three of our top constitutional officeholders will win reelection to a second four-year term in next year’s election. The ... Read more