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For Liberty, and the salute of labor

On Sept. 7, 1942, nearly 20,000 shipyard workers and guests gathered at Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard in Baltimore, Maryland. They were there to commemorate the launching of ... Read more

Getting excited about financial literacy

John Ramage looked out at the nearly 75 seniors gathered at Charles Henderson High School on Tuesday and smiled. “Now, some of you aren’t getting ... Read more

Landfill issue remains in limbo

The email asked an ominous question: “Do you want more hazardous waste in Alabama?” Going on, the pitch from Conservation Alabama’s action network urged citizens ... Read more

Geography 101: Thanks to our weather?

Marshall Ramsey, a favorite editorial cartoonist, drew a panel on Thursday and tagged it “How we learn geography in the South.” The cartoon pictured a ... Read more

What does it mean to be ‘business-friendly’?

In an attempt to explain how important attitude – and innovation – are for economic success, Dr. David Bronner used a good, old-fashioned compare-and-contrast example. ... Read more