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Good girls don’t do snuff

Like a lot of women of my childhood, my grandmother dipped snuff. My granny said there wasn’t a thing in the world that couldn’t be made ... Read more

Economists’ cost confusion

Last week I discussed how college football illustrated how costs are less tangible than people suppose. Many decisions affect the cost of operating a football ... Read more

College football and costs

The economic landscape of college football is rapidly changing. This is the first year of the Bowl Championship Series “plus one” playoff, and lucrative new ... Read more

Lamenting the loss of the laughing place

My laughing place is gone. When “Noie” and Grace Black closed their grocery store on the backstreet of Brundidge, they closed the door on my ... Read more

Fond memories of life as a ‘country-girl’

Often I’m chastised by my friends for my fascination with country life, especially at this time of year when there’s sweet corn to be picked ... Read more