Jaine Treadwell

It’s good God rests on Sunday

Centenarians are bound to have seen a lot of changes in their lifetimes. From mule-drawn wagons to space ships. From kerosene lamps to electric lights, ... Read more

Dusting up the memories

The older I get, the less I enjoy housework. These days, it’s more of a chore than a necessary pleasure. And, the most worrisome chore is ... Read more

Insulting phrases

“At your age” is a prepositional phrase. It’s also an insult. “At your age, you can expect to have some aches and pains.” “At your ... Read more

Listening to the sound of coming home

If I sit quiet and still in the darkness, I can feel the rumble of the train as it pulled away from Union Station in ... Read more

Flying free like Amelia

Mama didn’t know I was up in an airplane. If she had known, I wouldn’t have been. Uncle James was the director of the ABC ... Read more