Jaine Treadwell

Spring fever brings memories of cleaning and camp

Daffodils bring on spring fever, and I’ve had a full-blown case of it. Not the kind of spring fever you get when you’re young and in ... Read more

He never got ‘stuck’ in life

Having grown up in Brundidge, I was blessed with having many colorful characters in my life. Naming them all would be difficult – Ol’ Peg, ... Read more

What would Daddy think of these cell phones?

Daddy called Mama, “Ma Bell,” for good reason. Mama was a talented talker. What she did before the telephone must be left to speculation. I ... Read more

Stories, sweet potatoes and spirituals

February has been designated Black History Month and it’s a time to recognize and celebrate the many accomplishments by and contributions of African-Americans, past and ... Read more

Digging up a few memories

Having a white dirt “lunch” with Adam Forrester Thursday brought back a flood of memories of traditions and of folks that peppered my life both ... Read more