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Governor’s race is wide open

We Alabamians love the governor’s race. When talk turns to politics in our beloved state, it usually leads to the governor’s race. It does not ... Read more

Is the Southeast really tornado alley?

Congress earlier this year authorized a research initiative on tornadoes in the southeastern United States called VORTEX-SE. The project extends VORTEX I and II, ... Read more

Political friends and neighbors

As a young boy I would sit for hours contemplating and analyzing the next governor’s race. At that time the governor could not succeed himself. ... Read more

Gambling is about freedom, not government revenue

The Alabama legislature considered a lottery and expansion of casino gambling this year to generate new revenues for the state. Freedom, not state government ... Read more

Race for White House underway

The 2016 Presidential election has not only begun, it is well under way. It is now a lengthy process that spans the entire four-year presidential ... Read more