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Does Alabama need to raise taxes?

Does our state government need more tax revenue? Many politicians say yes, either from tax increases or expanded and taxed gambling. Read more

Forgive and forget student loans?

Thousands of young Alabamians graduating high school this month will borrow to help pay for college this fall. Student loan debt in the U.S. now ... Read more

‘Farther Along’ we’ll understand why

One of the trademark songs of Louisiana’s Singing Governor Jimmie Davis was “Farther Along.” Mama sang it a lot, “Farther along, we’ll know all about ... Read more

There’s no free lunch when making cuts

The question of how to balance the state’s General Fund has divided Alabama Republicans. Governor Bentley has proposed tax increases to raise over $500 million ... Read more

Economics lessons from pet rocks?

The innovator of pet rocks, Gary Dahl, passed away last week. Readers my age will recall pet rocks sweeping the nation in 1975. In addition ... Read more