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Governor’s behavior is ‘bizarre’

During the press conference three weeks ago announcing the historic BP settlement and windfall for the state, Gov. Bentley repeatedly said, “The $55 million a ... Read more

Don’t blame McDonald’s for food stamps

A New York State labor commission panel recently recommended a $15 per hour minimum wage for workers in the fast food industry, which is expected ... Read more

A ‘bang, bang, bang’ week

The week leading up to the Fourth of July had a lot of fireworks. In fact, my guess is that when we look back at ... Read more

How to turn a drought into a disaster

California is in the midst of a severe, protracted drought that is producing significant costs and conflicts. Read more

What do we learn from ‘Bar Rescue’?

Reality television has spawned numerous shows about restaurants and bars, including “Bar Rescue” and “Restaurant: Impossible,” which focus on failing restaurants. Read more