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Spring fever brings memories of cleaning and camp

Daffodils bring on spring fever, and I’ve had a full-blown case of it. Not the kind of spring fever you get when you’re young and in ... Read more

GOP has grip on state offices

ast week we highlighted and handicapped the statewide races for the top five constitutional offices of governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, treasurer and agriculture commissioner. ... Read more

The humanity of money

Does the buying and selling of certain things degrade our society? By now the selling of naming rights for sports stadiums is commonplace, but I ... Read more

He never got ‘stuck’ in life

Having grown up in Brundidge, I was blessed with having many colorful characters in my life. Naming them all would be difficult – Ol’ Peg, ... Read more

Taking a look at Congress

Last week’s column expounded on the two different concepts that members of Congress perceive their roles to be in Washington. Our two senators are classic ... Read more