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What’s the best way to take out the trash?

Garbage would normally put most readers to sleep, but Pike County’s contract with Advanced Disposal has been news this summer. Our county offers a contrast ... Read more

A cure for the Common Core

Perhaps the most controversial education policy of the past five years has been the Common Core, adopted to date by 43 states. Read more

Competition and education

The numbers definitely indicate that Alabama’s K-12 education system is in desperate need of improvement. For instance, a recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce state-by-state comparison ... Read more

Education and improving lives

Education is perhaps our nation’s most important industry, critical for both economic and personal development. Read more

Natural disasters and greed are a bad mix

Alabama faces a risk of devastating hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. Do Alabamians need protection against predatory “price gouging” after natural disasters? Read more