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The magic of disappearing bunnies

Years ago I wrote for a little weekly newspaper known as The Troy Progress. Recently, this “Chatter Box” suddenly came to mind as I wheeled ... Read more

Do you know the ‘Free State of Winston’?

When Alabama was being settled in the early 1800s our first settlers were diverse in their origins. Our river regions were the most desirable lands. ... Read more

Speeding locomotives = train wrecks

Earlier this year a Federal Appeals Court upheld the Alabama constitution’s limits on taxation.  The plaintiffs in Lynch v. Alabama claimed that taxes in the ... Read more

Spring fever brings memories of cleaning and camp

Daffodils bring on spring fever, and I’ve had a full-blown case of it. Not the kind of spring fever you get when you’re young and in ... Read more

GOP has grip on state offices

ast week we highlighted and handicapped the statewide races for the top five constitutional offices of governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, treasurer and agriculture commissioner. ... Read more