Letters to the Editor

Council member: Troy has a problem

Troy, Alabama we have a problem. As a matter of fact, we have quite a few problems. I am highly interested in the problems in ... Read more | 28 comments

Thanks for supporting Global Studies

Pike County Board of Education and Troy City Board of Education have afforded me an incredible first year as the Global Studies Coordinator. I serve ... Read more

IRS tactics endanger our freedom

The disclosures of IRS abuses in recent days continues unabated. It is especially chilling to hear Rev. Franklin Graham of the Billy Graham Crusade announce ... Read more

Are Christians being punished?

It would be uncommon, to say the least, not to have been infuriated by the most recent bombing during the Boston Marathon by terrorists. Yet, ... Read more

New warfare medal may prove an injustice

Military veterans everywhere support the practice of recognizing with formal decorations the brave men and women serving our great nation, but a U.S. Department of ... Read more