Letters to the Editor

No emotional incentive for anger

The article “Obama: Scary detachment from reality” in the June 27, 2013, edition provides emotional incentive to become angry. It omits a dose of reality ... Read more

Teacher: Whitlow will be missed

As a teacher at Charles Henderson High School, I have had the pleasure of working with Cameron Whitlow for the last seven years. As a ... Read more | 1 comment

Smoke-free ordinance makes sense

City Council President Johnny Witherington introduced an ordinance that would make all workplaces smoke-free. The ordinance proposed by Mr. Witherington would strengthen an existing, but ... Read more | 3 comments

Racism shouldn’t color judgment

This is a rebuttal to letter by Dejerilyn King Henderson published on June 12. Reading Mrs. Henderson’s words, I can’t help but feel as though ... Read more | 1 comment

‘Good will’ can help solve ‘problem’

Troy, Alabama, we have a problem. As a matter of fact, we have quite a few problems. Thankfully we have a lot of hard working ... Read more