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The legislature can still finish strong

The Alabama Legislature caught its share of grief after adjourning from the regular session without passing a budget. Read more

State government is acting more like Washington, D.C.

State government is acting more like Washington, D.C., every day. The state General Fund is spending close to $1 million more a day than ... Read more

How can judges not enforce this law?

Rep. Allen Farley’s recent article on AL.com about a lack of enforcement of the ignition interlock law was incredibly painful to read. Read more

The deadly July 4th weekend in Chicago

If you haven’t seen the numbers for gun violence in Chicago over the July 4th weekend, it is quite sobering, but hardly a surprise. Read more

What do you know about elder abuse?

Thousands of elderly persons and adults who have disabilities are abused, neglected, and exploited in Alabama each year. Read more