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Insurance agencies ‘gaming the system’

Critics of the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, are often loud in their disdain for the federal regulation of health insurance companies. Read more

Alabama’s education budget doesn’t have a surplus

A few days back, on a Saturday morning, I was killing a little time by scrolling through the Twitter feed when I stumbled upon an ... Read more

Community walk raises suicide awarness

Two high-profile incidents in the past two days have once again rocked our nation. Read more

Closing corporate loopholes

The regular session of the Legislature and the subsequent special session can fairly be described as fails. In two tries, the state still doesn’t have ... Read more

Upcoming ‘Pub- brewery’ brings new life to Troy

Anything that can bring the community together is worth trying, and something that will appeal to the masses, including the Troy University population, definitely should ... Read more