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University is feeding its strengths

  Troy University knows how to pinch pennies. Lately, the university officials have had plenty of opportunities to hone these penny-pinching skills. Over the course ... Read more

Theft of flags shows lack of respect

SMH. In the common vernacular these days, lots of us could say “I am shaking my head” at the news shared by representatives of the ... Read more

Toddler’s death exposes contradictions

The heart-wrenching case of a Georgia toddler who died after being left in a car all day is one with hard questions and no easy ... Read more

TRMC, SAMC alliance a smart move

As Troy Regional Medical Center marked its 45th anniversary last week, the hospital positioned itself to meet changing needs for the next 45 years by ... Read more

Mental health training an investment in community

We all know about the importance of first aid training: from how to administer CPR to how to properly perform the Heimlich maneuver and save ... Read more