Nurses, firefighters and monster hunters…Oh, my!

In the past week, I’ve met about 200 area kindergarteners. Other Messenger employees met the remainder of them and we now know what each one wants ... Read more

Pike County is full of good-hearted people

Almost every day, someone calls the newspaper with information about an effort to help a group or a family in need. Read more

Honor through celebration of life

Everyone makes the same face when I respond to, “When’s your birthday?” Some people even offer condolences. But other than having something tragic happen on ... Read more

‘Dance with the one that brought you’

There’s a saying, “Dance with the one that brought you.” I think it applies to college sports, as well as relationships. As I drive around ... Read more | 7 comments

Remembering dreams of space, heroes

When I was a child, I didn’t spend my time playing with dolls or worrying too much about boys. I was building model rockets. But not ... Read more

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