Letters to the Editor

Reader responds to councilwoman’s letter

Dear Editor, Re: Letter by D. K. Henderson published 8/29/13 What would Jesus do if one who professes to be “washed in the blood” makes ... Read more  | 7 comments

No Syrian intervention

There are at least eight reasons why America should not intervene in the Syrian conflict. 1. Syria is a sovereign nation. We have no business ... Read more  | 1 comment

Hypocrisy in health care system

If any normal American is unaware of the crisis and debate on health care in this country, then he surely must have been on another ... Read more  | 2 comments

Wreck raises concerns about students

On Monday morning August 12 at 2 a.m. a one vehicle wreck occurred on Highway 223 involving one young girl and three young men. The ... Read more