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Shriners: Fairgrounds a safe place

Published 10:17pm Monday, April 7, 2014

Despite Sunday morning’s shooting at a social event, a Troy Shrine Club representative says gatherings at the fairgrounds are “pretty peaceful.”
Two people were injured early Sunday after a fight broke out during an event at the fairgrounds. Neither was seriously injured.
Frank Sadler Jr., secretary for the Shrine Club, said the organization rents the fairgrounds to groups and individuals for private parties. Proceeds from the rentals help support the Shriners’ network of children’s hospital.
“We do it all for the children,” Sadler said. As secretary of the organization he books the rentals, including Saturday night’s event, and he said the fairgrounds are a safe place.
“It’s pretty peaceful here. We light (the private events) up like we do the fair and it’s all on tape,” he said. “They normally hire their own security and police check on them.”
According to Sadler, police responded to a report that shots had been fired around 1:45 a.m. Sunday in a matter of seconds.
The two victims of the shooting made their way to the Troy Regional Medical Center emergency room. While Troy police officers remained at the fairgrounds until the crowd dispersed, other units were sent to TRMC at 1:55 a.m.
“Officers made contact with the two victims in the Emergency Room and found that they had non-life threatening gunshot wounds,” said Lt. Bryan Weed in a press release. “One victim had been shot in the left ankle; the second victim had been shot in the left calf.”
The victims said they were shot at the fairgrounds, but neither victim could identify who shot them.
“They were just stupid kids that don’t have any manners, weren’t raised right, in my opinion,” Sadler said.
No arrests have been made. The incident is still under investigation.
Sadler said the shooting has not affected business at the fairgrounds. April, July and December are completely booked. “I just had a guy call me from Texas. He’s going to have gospel singing,” he said.
If anyone has any information connected to either of these cases, contact the Troy Police Department at 566-0500; Troy Secret Witness Line at 566-5555; or Crime Stoppers at 215-STOP.

  • justconcerned

    I would have to disagree with Mr. Sadler to the about this being a ‘safe’ or ‘pretty peaceful’ place during the times that these ‘events’ are taking place. I have the utmost respect and admiration for the Shriners and for the fantastic and amazing work that they do for the Children’s Hospital, but I think that if they were completely aware of how disruptive these ‘events’ that are held at the Fairgrounds on a regular basis were they would think again about renting it for these kinds of parties. The parties take place almost every weekend. They don’t even usually begin until 10 or 11 pm. The music is so loud that it actually vibrates the windows of homes that are anywhere near that vicinity. This particular occasion where the two individuals were shot is by far the first time that shots have been fired out there. It is a regular occurrence to be awakened all times of the night from gun shots being fired out there. This is a RESIDENTIAL area. There are quite a few very elderly people that live in the area and they are kept awake night after night until the wee hours of the morning by this ridiculously loud music, fights, gunshots and raucous partying that goes on way too often. I understand that this venue is rented in order to raise money for the Children’s Hospital and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I do believe that these events should be monitored more closely, should have to hire off duty police for security (or something similar), and that there should be a noise ordinance in effect that would insure the music is not at a level that it would reverberate through homes that are anywhere in that vicinity. If there are in fact tapes of the parties and what takes place out there, then someone needs to be monitoring those tapes. Safe and peaceful is definitely not an accurate description.

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