Two PCBOE employees placed on leave

Published 10:45pm Friday, April 4, 2014

As the rumor mill churned Friday about a situation at Goshen High School, Superintendent of Pike County Schools Dr. Mark Bazzell said he could not comment on a personnel issue.
However, he did confirm that two certified employees of the Pike County School System have been placed on administrative leave. But contrary to rumor, no one has been relieved of his or her duties, he said.
Bazzell did not reveal the place of employment of either of the employees placed on administrative leave.
He said employees are placed on administrative leave when there are concerns about the performance of their duties in the manner expected or about other issues.
“We are doing our due diligence and hope to have the issue resolved by the middle of next week,” Bazzell said.
Because the issue involves personnel, Bazzell said he had no further comment.

  • eagles2011

    Hmm… there is no comments. Come on people! What do we know?

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  • amy watkins

    ok nobody should have been relieved of their duty. As of right now no one knows what has happened. I am a parent of one of the horses that died and it is sad that it has happened. there was a vet contacted and my daughter did what she was told to do. she did everything for her horse. we do not blame anyone for this. there is a autopsy being done and we hope that will give some answers. but I think someone jump the gun on this. We have a wonderful staff at Goshen High school and I really hate that fingers are being pointed for no reason. It is a shame that someone has such hard feelings for some of the staff at Goshen. Really sad!!!!! Bazell has jumped the gun on this one. You cant point fingers on something when you or anyone knows what happened. Until we find out no one should be to blame. the horse could have been sick from bad hay, colic, or something in the ground. we don’t know!!!!!!

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    • Hornets

      If Dr. Bazell would spend the time to be concern about the students, then he would not have so much time in affairs that not his concern. So many times we see how other public schools take time out to make sure the students are safe, you’ll be waiting to see(for example)the weather. He don’t even care if the kids life ARE in danger, send the buses any way!!. I wish we could vote on the superintendents job and get him out of there.WE NEED SOMEONE WHO LOVE OUR CHILDREN! WHO CARES ABOUT OUR CHILDREN.

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