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Sunday alcohol sales not likely

Published 7:09pm Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just how much of a step forward is Pike County willing to take?

That seems to be the question of at least one local business, which has petitioned the county commission for the right to obtain a club liquor license to allow Sunday sales of alcohol.

The commission unanimously denied the petition on Monday, but the restaurant owner says she’ll try again. If the country club can have a license, she argues, why can’t an independent business?

But commissioners seem steadfast in their opposition to opening the door to Sunday alcohol sales.

County, and some municipal officials, are just now warming to the concept of allowing draft beer sales in restaurants and bars, and legislation to give municipalities the right to allow those sales is being prepared this year. If passed, it will represent a significant shift in the entertainment landscape of Troy and Pike County. And, as we’ve said before, we believe it’s a step that could prove profitable to our communities.

Whether allowing sales of alcohol on Sundays is the next logical step remains to be seen.


  • traveling_europe2010

    the problem with the PROGRESS in south Alabama is Holy Rollers, Bible thumpers, Jesus Freaks and the Christian Coalition! its like the Dark Ages around here. im not surprised that positions of prominence are not allowed to persecute individuals on grounds of heresy and blasphemy! any progress that’s proposed is stopped in it’s tracks by superstitious sentiments. a lottery that was proposed years ago by a certain Governor, of course anyone with some age knows what i speak of, by the way it was stopped by the Christian Coalition barking and crying like the Brats they are. lotteries of Mississippi, Georgia, Florida & Tennessee enjoy better educational systems than Alabama. do it for the YOUTH not your stupid religious beliefs. Whats the problem with selling alcohol on Sunday??? seriously whats wrong with it? Montgomery decided it was a GOOD THING, whats wrong with the Superstitious Commissioners of Troy? im sure there are other counties that follow suite. Devout irregular religious beliefs will always hinder Progress ALWAYS!!!!

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