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One dead, one injured in Pike County shooting

Published 11:17am Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tragedy struck Pike County and the Goshen community this morning when an episode of domestic violence turned deadly, resulting in the death of one Goshen student.

The Pike County Sheriff’s department received an emergency call at 8:04 a.m. Saturday morning and responded to reports of a shooting at 811 CR 1143.

Sheriff Russell Thomas was on the scene and shared what details he could about the case, “We received a call at 8:04 a.m. and dispatched units to 811 CR 1143 near Troy in response to reports of a shooting,” Thomas said. “It is a rural area–a mobile home located on a dirt road. When we arrived on the scene, we discovered a domestic violence situation that turned deadly.”

“There had been an argument last night between the husband and wife that carried over to the morning,” Thomas said. “This morning, the father took a 12-guage shotgun and moved to the rear of the trailer where he fatally shot his 18-year-old son. He then shot his 16-year-old son who escaped through an open window, which probably saved his life.”

“The younger son was transported to the hospital in a private vehicle,” Thomas said. “He is being treated at the hospital. He is going to be okay and survive. He was shot in the upper thigh, and some of the birdshot also hit his stomach.”

A suspect is currently in custody. “The father is in the custody of the department,” Thomas said. “The investigation is ongoing, and he will be interviewed shortly. We’ll try to find out what led up to this and what happened”

Thomas described the tragic scene awaiting officers when the arrived at the residence. “When we arrived, we found the 18-year-old face down,” Thomas said. “He had been shot fatally in the abdomen. I know both of these young men. I saw the 18-year-old play a football game last night in Sweet Water. I was around them until about 10 p.m. last night. I talked to their grandfather in my office earlier this week.”

Thomas gave his condolences to the family. “My heart, my prayers and all my sympathy go out to the family,” Thomas said. “I’ve talked to Coach Snyder. I’ve spoken with the superintendent and the principals at Goshen. We discussed what effect this will have on the students and what resources will be made available to them on Tuesday. This tragedy has touched a lot of people.”

Thomas said there had been a history of domestic violence in the household. “There was a history of domestic problems, but you never dream that it comes to this,” Thomas said. “We’re being assisted in this investigation by the District Attorney an Pike County Coroner Jerry Williams. There will be an arrest in this case. The suspect is looking at charges of murder and very possibly attempted murder.”

As of 2 p.m. Saturday, the Pike County Sheriff’s department confirmed an arrest made in the case. “We have in custody Sammy D. Jackson, age 44, being held one one count of murder and one count of attempted murder,” officer Troy Johnson said. “Jackson’s 18-year-old son, Sammy Deandre Jackson, has been confirmed as deceased. His 16-year-old son is being held for observation at Troy Regional Medical Center for a non-life threatening gunshot wound.”

The Messenger will update the story as more information is confirmed by the Pike County Sheriff’s department.



  • Harry

    A sad , sad situation .

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  • Mary

    My prayers go out to this family and the students of GHS! So sad for my community!

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  • eagles2011

    Okay so first things first, I am so upset that a young man’s life was taken away so soon. This truly upsets me that it seems like everyday another young person is being taken from this crazy world. Second, my thoughts and prayers go out to the young man’s mother, brother, and any other family members. I can not even begin to imagine what they are going through. Third, this article has griped my grits! It states that Russell Thomas or his deputies spoke to the grandfather earlier this week. The article doesn’t say what they spoke about, but it leaves room for speculation that the matter at hand was about the domestic violence situation. I think normally this would not bother me as much, but I have been around the school when I have heard things come out of student’s mouths that sound like serious threats. Maybe they are just simply empty words, but at what point do words become promises? Why wasn’t something investigated about the domestic violence at play? Why didn’t they decide that maybe just maybe with all the calls and I assume rides out to the residence they would need to take the children? I am sure that when I have children I would rather know my child is safe and sound than at home with me where things are unstable. Why isn’t the school a place the child can come and tell “the counselor” about his/her home life? I know for a fact, that if the principal and counselor took time out of their day to listen to the kids they would understand more about them. This should have stopped along time ago.
    With all of that said, maybe all of that is a let out of all the problems/emotions I have. But I hope that someone somewhere understands that you cant just let little things keep going on, because they do build up.
    And I hope that his family can find peace and comfort in these tough times. I hope that the senior class that he left behind can find the courage to make it through this coming up week. These kids that make up Goshen High School’s class of 2014 are some wonderfully strong little people, they have already lost three and their graduation day hasn’t even came and gone. I hope that the football players can be strong and push through this.

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  • proudparentges

    Was the Principal around for the children on Saturday? I know he didn’t even attend Goshen’s first-round football game against Sweet Water on Friday night. Seems that a college football game on Saturday was a bit more important for him to attend. Hopefully he came back to Goshen so he could be there to support the kids.

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    • eagles2011

      Amen Sister/Brother!!!

      He wasn’t even there for the pep rally on Friday to hear Sammy speak. I am so tired of things that he allows to go on around the school. Is it sad that I graduated in 2011 and I feel unwanted at the school. That should not take place. I am no longer proud to say I graduated from Goshen High School due to all of the fences, ropes, fences, and other bull crap rules that he has put into place. The whole bull crap about not being able to take the field after football games is a bunch a crap. So what if ONE father decided to rush into the field house. The boys that play their hearts out on a Friday night need to know they are supported before the game (Spirit Line) and after the game (the huddle). It is pure embarrassing to be playing Sweet Water in the first round of playoffs and not allowed to form a proper spirit line in fear you would have some raving lunatic “fussing” at you about being on the field. I want Goshen back to the way it was where students had PRIDE and wanted to attend school. Not where they had to tuck in their shirts, stay off the grass, be in class at all times (no bathroom breaks), no prayer at the flag pole, not allowed to walk FREELY around the football field at games, not allowed to form spirit lines or hear the beloved Coach Snyder’s speech after the game, not able to go and talk to him about little things or even big things that need to be discussed, a time where the students at Goshen weren’t the reason the ALC can’t accept troubled kids because he sends them there over chewing gum in class…. sorry for the rant but if people sit by on there thumbs Goshen High School may as well get iron bars, hand cuffs, and meal slots. And of course his controlling self would probably be the durn warden lol :)

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      • timeforchange

        This is a sad time for Goshen, that being said. Not once have we been called to let us know about Sammy’s death or any arrangements. That is the SCHOOL’S place. If you are not in the click to heck with you and your kids. GOSHEN we lost a child, a child that could have been saved if the people that is suppose to care about our kids did not have their heads buried in the sand. Goshen High school is a joke. They make mountains out of mole hills and mole hills out into mountains. The leadership there needs to be sent packing. There are a few very great teachers at the school that care, but if a child needs to go to that person they trust they are told NO, go to the office or that dumb as dirt counselor. Well, only one in the office cares, but he can not do everything, and the one that is suppose to be the head of the school answer to every thing is 3 days at home. Dang, that is not the answer to every thing. Maybe talking to the kids and finding out what the real problem is would help, but no that takes time away from trying to be the dictator. Now back to the point at hand, if Sammy had someone he could have trusted to tell what he was going through at home he may still be a live, but NO the school is closed to parents that care and the teachers that care can not help the kids because the kids can not get to them. WAKE UP GOSHEN IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE. Oh and by the way if the dictator of Goshen needs help packing we parents that are not in the click will gladly help you pack. SORRY I COULD NOT BE THERE FOR YOU SAMMY! RIP SAMMY! I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN!

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        • A

          I couldn’t agree more. No, Dr. Weeks was not there. We are thankful for the Godly role models that were there to speak to our boys and show our boys that they do love and care about them and to encourage them even through this very sad time that if they ever need to talk about anything at all that there are people and parents that will step up and help. I did not know Sammy personally but was around him at every ball game. I would like to ask that everyone say a prayer for us at Goshen as well as Sammy’s siblings and mom.

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  • manichols

    What a devastating thing to happen to a family and a community. Praying for God’s comfort upon this family during this most difficult time.

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  • KMQualls

    I know Sheriff Thomas must be taking this very hard rightnow. So, we do not need to blame him nor his deputies for this tragedy that has occured. We do not know what they and the grandfather spoke about. However, I do agree about the school systme not taking action when something like this come up to begin with. When I attended Goshen High, things were a lot different back then. If a student had any family issues, we could always speak with the counselor and or principal/assistant principal. I am not quit sure of the new changes that have been made since then, but it sounds like something should’ve been done while attending school. Just keep in mind that family and friends have lost a loved one and this is a time of mourning for them. No one is to blame, but the one who ended this innocent childs life. MAY GOD BE WITH THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS THRU THIS TIME OF GRIEF.

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  • WDM

    Why is everyone putting the blame on the school and the law. If there was problems at home with the husband the wife should have got her children out before something like this happened.

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  • wayfaroff

    The blame game going on here I find to be pointless. The person to blame is the man who did this to his own family, not local law enforcement or school authorities. I live in a state now (Colorado) that has exceptional policies when it comes to domestic violence, including mandating counseling for both the criminal and the victim in such situations and legally mandated cool off periods after incidents occur. But, even with all of that these things still happen too much here too. Yes, in hindsight more can always have been done……..Then again sometimes a tragedy is just a tragedy.

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