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Rotarians experience ‘Cajun’ culture

Published 11:00pm Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rotarian Lamar Steed thought the Brundidge United Methodist Church preacher was “just a good ol’ Methodist preacher.”

Steed thought wrong.

The Rev. Ed Shirley is much more than a “good ol’ Methodist preacher.” He’s an accomplished impersonator and a very entertaining showman.

“Rev Ed” was the program guest of Rotarian Chip Wallace at the Brundidge Rotary Club Wednesday. The “good ol’ Methodist preacher” had the Rotarians slapping their legs in laughter at “Boudreaux the Cajun,” the most requested of Shirley’s characters.

Shirley speaks “pert near like a true Cajun” but the jokes, although cleaned up, are still funny.

Boudreaux the Cajun entertained the Rotarians with a bushel bag of stories.

Boudreaux told of how he and a friend were mistaken for religious fanatics as they held up warning signs on a busy roadway.

Boudreaux’s sign read, “The End is Near!” and his friend’s sign cautioned, “Turn Yourself Around!”

Some vehicles heeded the warnings but one car roared on by and a loud crash was heard as it plunged into the river.

“Maybe we should have had just one sign that said, ‘Bridge Out,’” Boudreaux said in his thick Cajun accent.

Boudreaux the Cajun sang a couple of Cajun songs and ended with “The Cajun Gospel” to the appreciative applause of the Rotarians.

Henry Moore, the Club’s immediate past president, said he had no idea that Shirley was so many characters rolled into one.

“He’s different, unique,” Moore said with a smile. “He was funny. I mean funny. This preacher has a hidden talent. It was a good program. We all enjoyed him.”

Shirley’s characters are many and varied. Among them are the Awakening Preacher, Jonathan Edwards, the Apostle Peter, Roman Governor Pontius Pilate, John Newton and Bishop Francis Asbury.

Shirley also portrays another comedic character, Pastor Pugh Hopper. And, he impersonates Elvis, as well as Neil Diamond and Ray Price. And, yes, the preacher can sing, too.

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