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Inside the helmet – Drew Starling

Published 11:00pm Thursday, October 3, 2013

Every Friday, The Messenger will feature a Q-and-A with a local high school football player about life on and off the gridiron.


TM: Now that Rush is injured, Coach Allen said that you would see some time at quarterback. What have you been doing in practice to get ready for the game?


DS: Coach Higgins has been working me on my mechanics. I’ve been practicing at quarterback all year, but now I have to go out and do it on game day.


TM: Your family has had a lot of success in athletics at Pike. Both your older brothers won state championships. What sort of pressure do you feel coming from that success?


DS: There are always expectations, but I don’t worry about it too much. You’ve got to go out and do the best you can.


TM: You play on both offense and defense. Which do you prefer?


DS: I’m more of a defense guy. I like contact.


TM: Have you seen anything on film from Escambia where you think you might have an advantage?


DS: They run an I-formation offense similar to Lakeside. I thought our defense did well when we played Lakeside. I think maybe we can compete with Escambia,


TM: What are your plans after graduation?


DS: I want to play college baseball somewhere.


TM: Do you have any career plans?


DS: I’m looking into a coaching career, probably football.

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