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Man sentenced to life in prison without parole

Published 12:04am Saturday, September 28, 2013

A man was sentenced on Thursday in Pike County to life in prison without the possibility of parole for drug related crimes.

According to the District Attorney’s Office, Shannon Gary was convicted of trafficking of controlled substances (cocaine) and first-degree possession of marijuana on Aug. 14.

“We believe that this sends a clear and concise message that the trafficking of illegal drugs into our communities will not be tolerated and we will hold those people that wish to do so accountable with the most severe punishment we can recommend,” said District Attorney Tom Anderson.

Assistant District Attorney Jon M. Folmer prosecuted the case and said evidence at trial showed that Gary rented a house in Troy with the specific purpose of selling illegal drugs at the location. The house doors were even barricaded to try and prevent police from raiding the building, according to Folmar.

Tips from the community and a confidential Troy Police informant, as well as members of the 12th Judicial Drug and Violent Crime Task Force, helped investigators obtain a search warrant to raid the residence.

Gary was found inside the home during the raid, along with a pistol and more than 51 grams of cocaine and 25 grams of marijuana.

Anderson praised the efforts of the Troy Police Department and the Drug and Violent Crime Task Force for their work toward the arrest and conviction of Gary.


  • Heisenberg

    You teach those big, bad drug traffickers who are boss, Mr. Anderson. A tenth of a pound of cocaine worth less than $5000 is equal to a lifetime in prison where taxpayers will have to pay about $20K a year to incarcerate him? Sounds reasonable.

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    • My Name is Nobody

      The judge is the one that sentenced him- the DA can only recommend a sentence. Do you really believe he got Life Without for this one crime? Pretty sure he probably has an extensive criminal history.

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    • Southernboy

      An article in another newspaper reported that he had three prior felony offenses.

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    It is not the District Attorney or the Judge’s fault. If this is the third felony, then a Class A requires life without. Trafficking in narcotics is a Class A. Pretrial diversion does not work on this one.

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