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No Syrian intervention

Published 11:00pm Wednesday, September 4, 2013

There are at least eight reasons why America should not intervene in the Syrian conflict.

1. Syria is a sovereign nation. We have no business interfering in their internal affairs.

2. They do not pose a threat to our country, never have, and never will.

3. We should not fight other people’s wars for them. Wars are terrible. No one should ever go to war without first counting the cost.

4. Intervention may set a precedent in the minds of others. How many dissatisfied factions, in how many countries may come to think they can start a revolution or a war and the U.S. will intervene on their behalf. All they have to do is get several television cameras filming their dead and wounded, and covering the atrocities of their conflict. Wars are filled with atrocities.

5. We are going it alone. We do not have the support of the United Nations, the Security Council, or any other international body.

6. We are not the sheriff of the world. We have no authorization to police the world, stop all the bad guys, and rescue all the good guys, etc.

7. We cannot afford another war. We are involved in two already which are still maiming and killing Americans, and draining our financial resources. These wars have made us one of the most hated nations in the world. They have not brought about permanent change, and they have created more enemies of the U.S. than we have ever destroyed.

8. Some people claim we are a Christian nation, but we do not act like it. The way of Christ is the way of peace. Someone has said, “Christianity is the flag under which the ship of state sails, but it does not control the rudder that steers it.” How true that is, sad but true.


Dr. Robert Wilkerson

Founder, People for the Christian Way, Birmingham

  • wayfaroff

    Obama made one critical mistake in this situation, he bothered having a conversation about it. He should have just bombed the Syrian regime and then explained it on primetime tv afterwards.

    The arguments above are commendable but wrong. We do not need UN support, any nation can enforce treaties without the UN legally.

    Syria is a sovereign nation, however there are rules that apply to them even within their own country. It would be like someone claiming it was ok to kill their own kid because they were in their private home.

    Were not fighting a war for anyone, in fact the goal of this strategy seems to be to create more of a stalemate in the civil war there than to crown a victor.

    As far as ‘policing the world’ goes there is no power capable of that on this planet. However, reasonable people must admit there are certain actions and offenses that rise to the level where people with the power and capabilities have the moral obligation to do something.

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