TROY RB Jordan Chunn scores the touchdown that allowed the Trojans to tie with the UAB Blazers Saturday night at Veterans Memorial Stadium. (Photo by Joey Meredith)
TROY RB Jordan Chunn scores the touchdown that allowed the Trojans to tie with the UAB Blazers Saturday night at Veterans Memorial Stadium. (Photo by Joey Meredith)


Published 2:27am Sunday, September 1, 2013

Troy conquers UAB in first game of the season during overtime nailbiter

By Danielle Percival

The Troy Trojans capped off a second-half comeback with a 30-yard game-winning field goal by kicker Will Scott in overtime to defeat the UAB Blazers 34-31.

It was the second game-winning field goal of Scott’s career but he said the pressure is always high.

“I still get butterflies on every kick,” Scott said.

To open the overtime period, the Trojan defense held the Blazers to a field goal attempt,but that attempt was no good.

The overtime victory is the first for the Trojans who have only played in five overtime games.

Quarterback Corey Robinson, who already holds multiple career, single-season and single-game records at Troy, broke a national record Saturday night.

Robinson completed 30-of-32 passes for a completion percentage of 93.8%, which is the highest single-game completion percentage in FBS history with a minimum of 30 completions.

“No matter what I do or no matter what anybody as an individual does we got the win and so that’s what we’re hunting,” Robinson said.

Robinson finished 30-of-32 for 319 yards and a touchdown.

His longest completion of the night was the first play of the game to Deon Anthony for a 52-yard gain.

Anthony was the second leading rusher on the team with 61 yards and a touchdown.

His only score of the night was the touchdown needed to tie the game late in the fourth quarter.

“He was not going to be denied on that one touchdown and I commend him for that,” Robinson said.

True freshman Jordan Chunn led the team in rushing with 65yards and a touchdown in his first collegiate game.

“This young man has got a knack,” Blakeney said. “He’s got a big body, understands north and south and breaks tackles.”

The defense allowed 453 total yards to the Blazers but was able to get stops when necessary.

“I was really proud of our guys hanging in there,” Blakeney said. “Our defensive guys, they could have totally shut it down and they didn’t.”

Turnovers are one area of concern for Troy after fumbling four times and losing two of those fumbles.

“They didn’t really stop us,” Robinson said. “We stopped ourselves.”

The Trojans trailed by as many as 14 points in the game but continued to fight taking the Blazers into overtime.

“That showed me a lot about this team and about some of the guys on our football team that they have heart,” Robinson said.

It was a record setting night for Robinson, but where does it rank on his all-time list of football games?

“Number one in 2013,” Robinson said. “Anytime you win in this fashion it always goes up there to the top of your list.”


    Awesome job and win TU! Everyone did a wonderful job tonight, it was great, even the cheer squad, guess they did not “incite to riot” did they Observer? They just supported their team, gotta love it!!

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  • Bill_OReally

    Great fireworks show!

    As far as the game? Troy State beat…UAB…in overtime…

    Wow…uh…maze…ing…a real powerhouse there. Troy didn’t “win”. UAB just happened to make more stupid mistakes. But, hey, don’t let me spoil yer parade with facts.

    My thanks to the tailgaters for the free tickets, supper and beer! See y’all next week!


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  • Invictus

    I wish I could be as cool as you Bill…..guess you couldn’t find directions to Atlanta or are you too cheap to go see the Red Elephants in person?

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    • Bill_OReally

      Can’t afford to see the Tide. What I draw from my retirement from the condom factory and a part time job cleaning stalls at the rodeo don’t go too fer after I git through uh-buyin groceries at the Pig for Precious and fillin up the LTD at the Roo. Know what I’m uh-sayin thar big guy?”

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  • Invictus

    I shore don’t know what ya mean….

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  • OldSchoolPike3Worker

    You guys do realize that it’s Troy University and there is no “state” in the title anymore don’t you?

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    • Bill_OReally

      Seems I did hear a ruckus about that a few years ago. Something about how it was gonna make people take THE Troy University more serious. Maybe Boise State will follow Troy State’s lead and change their name to Boise University so the world will finally respect their football program also.

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