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Threadgill named to top five in superintendent search

Published 11:00pm Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Troy City Schools administrative assistant to the superintendent has made it to the top five candidates in the search for a superintendent for Elba City Schools.

Chresal Threadgill has held his current position for three years. Prior to that, Threadgill was principal of Charles Henderson middle School, vice principal at Charles Henderson Middle School and assistant principal of Greenville Middle School.


The Elba City Schools Board of Education met Monday night to decide on a strategic plan for the school system, as well as discuss the interview process for the five candidates for superintendent.

According to Human Resources director Valerie Moore, the board is currently scheduling interviews with the candidates, but there is no set time on when they will make a hire for the position.

The other top four people vying for the position are Dr. Patrick Cain of Enterprise, the principal of Dale County High School; Dr. Sherene Carpenter, coordinator of attendance with Birmingham City Schools; Dr. Rhinnie Scott of Sawyerville, principal and director with the Career Technical Education program of Greene County; and Todd Wingard of Rockford, middle school principal in Coosa County.


  • Justmyopinion

    I would hate to see him go.

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  • abc

    I felt like it was just a matter of time, but I would hate to see him go, too. He is well-deserving of the opportunity, but he’s truly an asset for TCS.

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  • c74Grad

    I hate to see him leave…but let’s face it He deserves better…Mr. Threadgill is a good man and an excellent administrator…too bad his talents have been wasted the last couple of years.

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  • The Torch

    Would be a win-win for all involved. Threadgill gets to go somewhere to be “the man”- TCS gets a chance to make a better hire at a CO position. Maybe Jimmy Matthews can go with him- you two be sure to study up on James 3 together. Valerie Moore may need to prepare for a few extra headaches- or start polishing up her resume.

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  • Observer

    It would be a shame to let Elba have a much more qualified superintendent than Troy has.

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  • newtopike

    I have worked with Chresal Threadgill for a number of years and can tell you that he is a fine Christian man. He is a wonderful administrator and it will be a terrible loss for Troy City Schools and the City of Troy if he leaves!! It is a crying shame that “the powers that be” feel it is necessary to run all of the good ones off!! ! To “the torch” let me just tell you that he has more integrity in his pinkie than any of the other administrators have in their entire bodies!! This is just a crying shame!!! And yes “observer” if he gets the job, Elba will have a far better superintendent than Troy has!!

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  • Observer

    The old expression “rats jumping a sinking ship” falsely accuses rats of a lack of integrity. Rats jump ship because they are survivors – this is why long after man has become extinct rats, roaches and kudzu will still be around. It is only the foolishly proud or the blissfully ignorant who go down with the ship. Teachers and administrators are joining the growing number of students leaving the system because they are close enough to see what is going on behind the prosperous show of profligate spending.

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