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CHHS football getting used to new surroundings

Published 10:25pm Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fall camp opens on Monday for all Alabama High School Athletic Association schools, but Charles Henderson is currently without a home.

The Trojans regular practice field, located adjacent to Frazier Field, is currently a construction zone for the new softball complex.

With Troy University occupying Veterans Memorial Stadium throughout the month of August, Charles Henderson will begin fall practice at the Charles Henderson Middle School facility.

Charles Henderson head coach Mike Dean said that keeping a routine of practice schedules is vital.

“We want to keep the same routine we have had,” said Dean. “We will come in, in the morning, and do our heavier stuff in mornings and do film and special teams in the afternoon. You beat the heat of the day, and also if it does rain in the afternoon, you don’t miss out on the work.”

Troy University practices in the morning until Aug. 14, and Charles Henderson will utilize the middle school field until then.

You have to have a plan,” Dean said. “We have some things on paper, and we are ready to go. It’s football season.”

Charles Henderson will meet cross-county rival Pike County in the annual Pike County Classic on Aug. 23 at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Troy, and opens the regular season at home on Aug. 30 against Bayside Academy.

“We have put in a lot of work over the summer, and the work is not over,” said Dean. “We don’t just roll the football out there and play. We are excited that the season is finally here, but know that the work is not done with.”

  • Observer

    How is it that the city of Troy and the school board went thirds with Troy state to build the stadium in 1951, have contributed their share to every expansion and upgrade of the stadium since (including the city currently giving $1,000,000.00 every year on a 25-year contract); the city provides free electricity, water and sewer; yet the college has the option to use the field anytime it pleases but the public schools have to beg for scraps?

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    • Invictus

      Are you really suggesting that the Troy University football team practice around the high school’s schedule? The city doing their 1/3 and providing services has what to do with Troy City School’s athletic department? Those are two different entities. I think it is a pretty sweet deal for CHHS to play and occasionally practice in the Memorial Stadium – no other high school in Alabama has a home stadium as nice as Charles Henderson. CHHS sure did spend some money on that so called indoor practice facility, why not use that? Oh, yeah – it is too small and was a waste of money……

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      • Observer

        The school system is a creature of the city, the city council appoints the school board members. Troy State is a creature of the state. By the terms of the original contract the city, the school board and the college are equal partners.

        Yes. The semi-pro college team should coordinate and share the stadium – not use it as though it owns it an treat the city as a red-headed step-child.

        And, yes. The indoor facility was a waste of money because it was built too small. The team does use the facility but it is too small for the whole team to have real practices – it is a glorified weight room.

        If the state college is unwilling to participate as an equal partner, it should buy the city and school system’s thirds of the stadium and the city could take the $1,000,000.00 per year it is giving the state school and use those funds to build an adequate municipal stadium. They could probably finance a real indoor facility by putting meters on the water, sewer and electric in the money-pit and charging the college.

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        • Bill_OReally

          The City of Troy’s rained out 4th of July fireworks show (which was originally rescheduled for Labor Day) is now going to be done during Troy State’s first home game.

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