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Published 11:00pm Thursday, June 20, 2013

You might think the wheel is the best invention ever.

I disagree. It’s maternity pants.

I never understood until this week when my regular pants stopped fitting. I begrudgingly had tried on a pair of maternity jeans while I was shopping with my mother and stopped in disbelief.

They were amazing.

My husband says they are a combination of jeans and Spanx. For you guys out there that don’t know what Spanx are, they are a women’s undergarment reminiscent of bike shorts. They hold everything in and make it all look smooth.

Maternity pants stop with the regular material just below the belly and resume upward over the stomach with a stretchy, comfortable fabric that is built to expand throughout a pregnancy and then contract post-pregnancy.

Maternity pants are pretty much the best things ever. I have made the statement several times that I might not go back to regular pants.

If you don’t have anything to compare the beginning stages of pregnancy to, guys I know this is you, think about how your pants fit after a big meal.

I plan to redesign the pants for men and market them as “Holiday Pants.” No more will you guys have to lean back in your chairs at Thanksgiving and unbutton your slacks. Simply plan ahead with “Holiday Pants.” Don’t worry about those extra cookies at Christmas – “Holiday Pants” to the rescue.

If Pajama Jeans are a hit and now in stores, I think my idea has potential. Look for “Holiday Pants” on an “As Seen on TV” store shelf near you in the future!

And don’t forget, you read about them here, first.


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