Morgan Allen, Jack Baggott, Kahdyn Bivin, Dougie Branson, Jayme Taylor and Wes Templin get ready for an egg hunt at TES.
Morgan Allen, Jack Baggott, Kahdyn Bivin, Dougie Branson, Jayme Taylor and Wes Templin get ready for an egg hunt at TES.

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TES Pre-K program readies for new children to enroll

Published 11:00pm Friday, March 22, 2013

Thirty-two Troy children will already be familiar with iPads, colors, sight reading and other skills when they enter Kindergarten next school year.

That’s thanks to the pre-Kindergarten program for 4-year-olds at Troy Elementary School.

“I am amazed at the progress and transformation since August,” said TES Assistant Principal Teresa Sims. “It’s just been a joy to watch.”

As part of their time enrolled in the first year of the TES program, children have learned the basics of sign language, met local community leaders and emergency responders, spent time with Troy University students, and even learned a little Spanish.

“They are ready,” Sims said. “These children will have a very strong foundation for Kindergarten.”

TES Principal Juan Henderson said the school uses a combination of academics and creative play to enhance the learning process.

“We have figured out ways to get these children early exposure to so many skills, and it is fun for them,” Henderson said, giving credit to the three K-4 teachers who worked with the children this year – Aundrea Poole, Katie Miller and Toni Branson.

Since the Pre-K program is not funded by the state. The school system charges $440 per month for a child to attend. That includes the day from 7:10 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. and parents can extend pick-up times to 5:30 p.m. Tuition also includes breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack for the children.

“This was a major step by Superintendent [Lee] Hicks and the Board of Education,” Henderson Said. “And it is working.”

While there are three teachers and 32 students this year, there is space for three more teachers and about 100 students to take part in the K-4 program at TES.

Parents who are interested in enrolling their 4-year-olds to begin school next August are invited to attend an open house on either April 1 or April 2 from 5 to 7 p.m.

If parents cannot make it to one of those sessions, others will be held during the summer, or a quick call to the school can schedule a daytime tour.

“This program has been good for us, locally,” Henderson said. “Research shows that early exposure to learning programs can help students excel.”

Henderson said TES is looking at how to make the program even better in its second year.


  • johngalt781

    The indoctrination/assimilation process begins early in life. Any program endorsed by state or federal programs are questionable. People would be wise to choose a christian based private program.They have the option to pick and choose kids with similar characteristics.

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  • StevenTyler

    Your philosophy is exactly what is wrong with this world. People who think they are too good to associate with certain groups of people give our society a very bad name. Christian school or not it sounds like segregationalist mentality and its wrong. A real Christian knows that all people are created in Gods image, regardless of what color they are or where they lay their head at night. Kids in the TES program are Blessed with a top notch educational experience and they learn to function in a realistic society. Your philosophy fails.

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    • johngalt781

      Steven my philosophy is indisputable. All people are NOT created equal.Even the public school system of which you seen to store great faith can refute that. I base it on proven innate intellectual ability concerning academics. Is education based on academics or indoctrination? Do you want kids educated or assimilated?

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  • johngalt781

    Yes Steven i am in fact speaking of segregation. Segregating and educating by kids ability not by their color. If you feel that is unjust or racist then you are saying ALL blacks are intellectually inferior to whites.
    According to an overlapped bell curve there exist about 2.4 percent of blacks that are intellectually equal to whites.
    The black-white gap is 15 points when measured on the Wechsler tests, 18 on the Stanford-Binet. Both tests are, of course, normed so as to produce an average of 100, but the white average is a bit higher. On the Wechsler metric, whites and blacks average 102 and 87, respectively. On both tests, the gap between the races is almost exactly 1 SD (standard deviation). The gap of 1 SD has been observed since the earliest days of intelligence testing.

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  • WDM

    Steven there is no need to try and talk with johngait/pierce or any other user-name he is commenting under,he knows more about everything than anyone else on this forum he is always going to get in the last word.He is very good at using google to get his info and if you don’t think he is one of the smartest people in the world just ask him.

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    • johngalt781

      WDR remember talent reaches levels others cant reach, genius reaches levels others cant even see.

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