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Traffic signal to be removed in Troy

Published 11:00pm Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Drivers in Troy will soon notice a difference in traffic flow at the intersection of South Brundidge Street and Elm Street.

A traffic study for the intersection revealed that a turn lane at the intersection was not warranted. Coupled with the traffic light at the intersection being the oldest in the city, it was recommended in the study that the city convert the intersection to a four-way stop.

“The red light is older than I am,” said Troy Mayor Jason A. Reeves. “We did some engineering work and traffic studies and this is what we think is best.”

Parts to repair the traffic signal are no longer manufactured and the city has been scrounging for parts for the signal for quite some time, Reeves said.

As part of the traffic study, analysts with Traffic Solutions in Hoover looked at traffic flow during peak times at the intersection. They studied which direction the most traffic came from and which direction they continued at the intersection.

The study was conducted in September 2012.

Signs could go up as early as Thursday at the intersection, but remain covered for a period of time to allow motorists to become more aware of the change.

Because the traffic light is the oldest in the city, it will be saved, but plans for the signal have not been made.

Reeves discussed the transition and traffic study at Tuesday night’s city council meeting. Also at the meeting, the council voted to approve a retail liquor license to Landon Park and TL Enterprises, LLC at The Double Branch Lounge; to approve a loan from Troy Bank & Trust in the amount of $780,607 over a period of 10 years at 2.25 percent interest for the purchase of two new fire trucks; to partner with the county and continue to approve subdivisions that fall outside the city’s limits, but inside police jurisdiction; to award a $3,363 contract to McLendon Welding for 15 recycling trailers (funded by an ADEM grant); to purchase a $27,249 skid steer loader (funded by an ADEM grant); and to partner with the county in efforts to pave Child’s Road and award a contract to Wiregrass Construction for the work at a rate that was $25,000-$30,000 less than expected.

The council also heard the first reading of a resolution to update and amend the building and fire code for the city.

County Commissioners Robin Sullivan and Jimmy Barron visited the council meeting to thank the council for partnering with the county to secure Alabama Transportation and Rehabilitation Initiative Program for the area.

The next council meeting is scheduled for Feb. 26.


  • Harry

    Four way stops scare me as there is always someone who jumps the gun even though they were not first to get to the stop . A new light would be the best choice .

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  • Observer

    A better place for this traffic light would be at Elm and Gibbs. With all the traffic from Troy State students, the housing projects, apartment complexes and all the city schools being crammed into this one area, the intersection needs regulation. Drivers trying to turn left onto Elm frequently get caught in a long string of cars on Elm spaced just far enough apart to prevent safe entry – - after waiting for an excessive length of time, people tend to take chances.

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  • CHHS1973

    I agree with you all mates, they must have determined there is more traffic coming out of the CGI parking lot than what is going through Elm and Brundidge Streets. That verifies NASA is coming to Troy for sure…Cheers

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  • General Hazard

    AHHH the Troy Messenger has removed all of the comments from the General. I invite you to research the 1st Amendment, then I assume the next one is “I pissed off someone who is crying foul” How dare you remove my comments when they were in line with the 1st amendment, you do not have that power either, and you put yourself in legal problems you do not want. I expressed opinions based upon facts and knowledge, so now Messenger! You have explaining to do, WHO fixed the comments? Answer me now! Taking ones rights is a pretty serious offense! This is the path your paper chose to allow comments, when they do not pan out for some, you delete them while legal, the road you travel is less traveled but well served, when you take away rights, you violate federal statue, so what is the problem? Someone crying foul who knows they did what was said???????

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  • General Hazard

    The General has not violated any laws, the General is operating in a “1st amendement forum” and the General has made statements that are backed by a reason to do so, you the PAPER, have taken away my rights, to speech, who is the one who took those rights away? Grow some “cabbage” and let us speak, otherwise, you take away our rights, with no legal reason, you cannot do this, and if you do, we need to know what you are being paid off to do so….Cut down my rights…fine, the LED billboard at GWD and 231 is cheap to rent, the General will go there, and your paper will not be praised if you take away our rights!

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  • General Hazard

    “Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.”

    Karl Kraus

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  • CHHS1973

    Yes mate, they went away, which is rude, check out this guy, when you take away rights, you are wading in deep water mate, cheers.

    He don’t play mate… cheers

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