The Charles Henderson Trojans captured the Area Tournament title by routing Bullock county on Monday night. (Photo/ Ryan McCollough)

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Charles Henderson wins area tournament over Bullock County.

Published 10:43pm Monday, February 11, 2013


The Charles Henderson boy’s basketball team capped a perfect area season with a Class 4A Area 3 tournament victory, 59-34, over Bullock County on Monday.

Both teams came out full throttle as Bullock County applied full court defensive pressure for the majority of the first half.

With the teams knotted at 4-4, Charles Henderson went on a 9-2 run to close the opening quarter with a 13-6 lead. Tyler Mitchell got things going early scoring six of the Trojans 13 first quarter points.

Charles Henderson turned the intensity up a notch in the second quarter. Mitchell made a short-range floater followed by a quick steal and basket from Khakendall Johnson. Joshua Noel added another score to extend the Trojans lead to 20-11. Charles Henderson would get five more points from Mitchell, who finished the game with 34 points, to take a 28-18 lead into the locker room.

Johnson would score 10 points on the night for the Trojans.

“We’re grateful for the win,” Charles Henderson head coach Carl Hollis said. “You’ve got to keep stepping if you want to make it to the state playoffs. You can’t be pleased with just a win in the area tournament, you’ve got to want more.”

Charles Henderson will host B.T Washington Magnet in the  South Sub-Regional on Friday. Tip off is set for 7 p.m.

Ryan McCollough contributed to this report.

  1. Cameron Whitlow

    Congratulations to the CHHS Basketball Program place where Champions PLAY! Boys and Girls Area 3 regular season and tournament CHAMPIONS!

    Both team combine for an outstanding 18-0 in area play!

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  2. Pauly D

    Place where champions are made (when drop classifications).

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  3. Pauly D

    @areyoukiddingme: I don’t have kids in either school, but do observe that many chhs grads send their kids to plas and so do several public school teachers. So is the education that bad or are teachers/former chhs students racist? What is the reason? I don’t know the details of plas sports but I see a former player is pitching for TU this weekend and a current player was selected for USA all star baseball. I also note that chhs had a former plas grad coaching defense last year and that was prob the reason for their success vs dropping classifications.

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  4. Pauly D

    Appears we agree on much more than originally appeared. I agree that sports are better at any public school. There are more players to choose from so of course more athletes. Just like plas has a higher graduation rate. It’s simple math.

    Kind of like Alabama or auburn being better in sports than Vanderbilt, but you know the vandy kids are smarter.

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  5. Fountain loves AISA

    Please stop calling everyone who sends their kids to PLA racist. You do know there is a predominantly black private school in Troy, and the president of the United States sends his children to a private school. I guess they are all racist too? The racist claim is something thrown around everytime someone has a weak argument and doesnt have the inteligence to say something meaningful.

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  6. areyoukiddingme

    14 year olds that rob people? Is that right? Are you god I’m pretty nothing has come out that it was a CHHS student that robbed people but okay that was a great racist accusation. I went to plas for several years and students defiantly don’t go there for education. There education is a joke and no challenge at all. Sports and education are not linked in any way but education and sports are better in the public school system. Experience both sides before forming a biased opinion.

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  7. areyoukiddingme

    That’s not needed I’m just telling you facts and if all you can do is pick out typing flaws because you just got embarrassed about an ignorant comment then your opinion should never be posted. Factual information is all that’s needed. You were implying race when you said 14 year old kids that rob people because you know that plas doesn’t have black students. If that’s not what you were implying then what is your statement?

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  8. areyoukiddingme

    A minority is a minority there’s more then one school around here so how do you know the kid is enrolled in Troy city schools? Baseball wins a championship just about every year in their classification rather it be 4a or 5a so what’s your point here? And factual information here really? I do believe football makes the playoffs every year and basketball won their area championship last year.. Your obviously ignorant to facts about CHHS.. Since your another person on the AISA bandwagon tell your school to join the AHSAA they’ll never win a game.

    Btw your statement about plas not being worried about sports then why do they have “scholarship” players there year after year?

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  9. Bill_OReally

    If you didn’t mean it as a slam, why did you feel the need to even bring it up? Were you just trying to impress everyone with your deep insight into the workings of high school sports?

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  10. Observer

    Both football and basketball were loaded this year. But that is where the comparison ends. The football team went three rounds in the play-offs against 4A teams but still lost to Beauregard and Tallassee (teams which beat them in recent years as 5As). Barely got by Greenville and even Bayside Academy. The benighted administration may believe going three rounds in 4A vindicates what it is doing to the school and to the kids – but they are the only ones who are fooled.

    Basketball, is a different matter. Carl Hollis was not replaced by some ding-a-ling with connections to Prattville or the ethical cess-pool called 6A professional, athletics. He has a solid team which has not only romped through the area (which is obviously a weak area) but has also defeated such teams as Enterprise, Northview and Dothan.

    The Trojans could go the distance – it is difficult to predict. But, when the post-season ends you can bet that Hollis will end it with class. He will credit the players if they win and he will credit the other team if Troy loses. But, he will not blame his players, their families or community, or whine about needing to change the culture.

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