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Police arrest teen robbers

Published 11:53pm Friday, February 8, 2013

A 14-year old has been arrested and charged with robbery first degree in connection with Monday night’s armed robbery on the Troy University campus.

A juvenile petition was submitted by the Troy University Police, with the assistance of the Troy Police Department. The teen is currently being held in the city’s Juvenile Detention Center at the Troy City Jail.

Because of the age of the suspect, his name is not being released by law enforcement.

“Being able to make an arrest in this case so quickly has required a lot of team work and coordination between Troy Police and University Police, and I greatly appreciate the efforts of Chief Jimmy Ennis and his department,” said University Chief John McCall. “It’s yet another example of the close working relationship we have in Troy and Pike County to fight crime at all levels.”

The suspect, along with two other black males, approached a 20-year-old university student near Alumni Hall about 7:30 Monday night. They took the victim’s cell phone and other personal items.

The case remains under investigation by police as they search for the two other suspects.


  • Southernboy

    And 14 years old. How sad to see what our society is becoming, and I am sure it will only get worse.

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  • Bill_OReally

    Did they give a description of the other two thugs, er I mean robbers?

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    • TroyU

      Ha!! I bet you feel stupid. I see one of the robbers was a TROY UNIVERSITY STUDENT not just an ordinary “thug” as you said…That’s what happens when you prejudge and stereotype people before you analyze and understand the full situation

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  • mulekilla

    Lets water board this little punk to get the other 2 so that justice is served. To the parents of the 3 — way to go. no way a 14 year old should be able to have that kind of freedom to rob if you are doing your job. you suck as parents.

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  • chhs1990

    Society has been in decline since the Adam and Eve. It is sad that some folks are relegated or feel compelled to put others in danger for personal gain.

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    • George Hazzard

      It will be interesting to see which UCR this is reported to.It appears the juvenile might have been recruited due to juvenile status, but if the one who consprired to have this done is truly a student, then the juvenile snitched and it should be recorded under crimes in a college, if not, then it should be recorded as a City crime. We all work great together as long as the blame game is played correctly.

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