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Jail inmate found dead

Published 4:03pm Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An inmate in the Troy City Jail died Tuesday night.

A preliminary investigation indicates the death was a suicide, according to Troy Police Chief Jimmy Ennis.

Ennis said the inmate was found unresponsive at about 11:30 p.m. and efforts to ressusitate him were unsuccessful. CARE Ambulance responded, said Troy Police Sgt. Benny Scarbrough.

The inmate’s name, charges and cause of death were not being released Tuesday, pending an ongoing investigation, Scarbrough said.

The inmate’s family has been notified and the death is being investigated by the Troy Police Department, 12th Judicial Circuit District Atorney’s Office and the Pike County Coroner’s Office.


  1. BLOOD

    Where is Bill Baxley? The devil is running amuck in our city. We need some prophets to cast out some of those demons, and we a Bill Baxley to investigate some of that mess. I smell rats.

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  2. iloveJesus

    Why do u think there needs to be an investigation? I’m just wondering because I’m in agreement.

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  3. BLOOD

    I don’t know who committed suicide. Commenting in the morning paper is a way to pass time for me. It seems like a conflict of interest for the Troy police to investigate itself, BUT don’t pay much attention to my comments. The Troy Messenger apparently has been gagged. Where is the rest of the story?

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  4. BLOOD

    They all are being investigated by God so don’t worry. Just sit still and observe God in action.

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  5. mulekilla

    Troy really has a police chief named Ennis? YHGTBKM. Is the mayor Boss Hogg?

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  6. haleydebray

    I am his daughter. It means so much for me to see that there are others that are reading this report and having a hard time understanding. If you knew him you would know that he loved his family sooo much and wouldn’t have left this world attentionaly without a goodbye. There is something that’s not being told or being covered up. When they notified my mother(his wife) theytold her he was arrested for a dui. He was not driving. His truck had been parked at my grandmothers house earlier in the day. He was dropped off at a friends house where there was only the owner and one other friend of theres. that is said to be where he was supposively last seen just befor the law were jumping into there vehicles flying out the yard . The owner said he woke up nd walked to the door to see what was going on, after asking is when he said they wouldn’t answer him loaded up real fast and left. There was also an ambulance there, so if the ambulance were called out there wouldn’t that mean someone was hurt out there that night. Also if they did arrest him befor they left that house why is he charged with a dui? The big thing is why aren’t they releasing any information about what happen in that jail. If he hung himself he had to have little time to do it, we know that around 9:45 is when the police were saw in the yard by the owner. Therefor by the time he was taken to the city booked in stripped down and placed in a room and planning it out I don’t think he would have near enough time to hang him self. Also someone should have been watching cameras and keep check on inmates. If what they are saying happened is true why is it still under investigation. Everyone that reads this please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Also help the family get the word out on how fishy there story is. The city might know more and not wanting us to know the truth. I just want truthful answers even if its not what I want to hear. The information should be released.

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  7. Observer

    Will the Lieutenant in charge at the time be fired. Leaving a prisoner unattended long enough for him to hang himself should be as bad as leaving a juvenile in a room alone for a few hours. Isn’t there a Captain in charge of the Jail? Will he be fired as well?

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  8. Harry

    Odd the PD dept of Troy has always had a good name and record but with the new chief things sure have gone to hell in a hurry. Maybe their firing the wrong people.

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  9. paradisereturn

    I was in the drunk tank about 6 years ago where DUI suspects are held and there are no linens, sheets or anything else a person could hang themselves with except for the jail issued jumpsuit he should have been wearing.

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  10. CHHS1973

    Observer, once again you have proved your wisdom and are dead on correct mate. Miss Debray deserves answers about her father. Observer, do you think he might have been tased???? It appears that we have learned over the past week that the song “Cowards of the County” truly represent our government here as if they cannot inform the people they work for (I.e. the citizens of this town) them they have proven they are exactly that…COWARDS! Cheers mate!

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  11. BLOOD

    Haleydebray, I am praying for you and your family baby. God will send you some help.

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  12. BLOOD

    Robbyn, what’s going on here? Where is the rest of this story?

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  13. paradisereturn

    It is sort of sad when you get scooped by your comments section. – Which seems to happen a lot here.

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  14. paradisereturn

    You can report personal accounts, and have before, you just have to reference who they were from and what their qualifications are for knowing such information.

    Say you contact a known family member and they confirm the man’s identity and the account of what happened relayed to them by the officials’ involved, you can report that and then reference your sources for the information and in the interest of full disclosure clarify that only a certain amount of ‘official’ information has been released yet. – My guess is doing so would get a statement from authorities concerning the details of the case a lot quicker and if no wrongdoing has occurred they will be much more transparent, making your job a lot easier.

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  15. Observer

    Bureaucracies tend to encourage suspicion and speculation by stone-walling the public when an investigation turns toward them. It is interesting that police departments call in state investigators if an officer uses deadly force but do not automatically involve outside investigators when a prisoner dies in custody. Even in cases where there are eye-witnesses to a police shooting they insist on an independent investigation but in this case where the public is separated from the incident by steal bars and locked doors they believe a local “investigation” is adequate.

    No information is being released because there is an on-going investigation but the second line of the story says it was a suicide. If this is being investigated as a suicide, it is not being investigated. A legitimate investigation presumes homicide until evidence leads to a different conclusion.

    The victim’s family has been notified (last paragraph) so there is no need to withhold his identity. The “investigation” cannot be compromised by releasing information such as: the time of death (found “about” 11:30 pm). How many prisoners were in the jail at the time? What was he hanged with? What was he charged with? What time was he placed in the cell? Was there a jailer on duty?

    In the on-going incident in Dale County police were reluctant to identify either the suspect or the victim(s) but the media did not rely entirely on police sources. Journalists are not bound to “official” information or official “sources”. If they were Watergate would never have happened. If someone who is in a position to know what happened tells the reporter it is easy if the source allows himself to be identified. If confidentiality is invoked the journalist has to find other means to confirm what is known.

    While as a matter of policy the newspaper is entitled to withhold the names of suicides it is similar the the matter of disciplinary hearings for public agencies. If the persons or families involved want to go public they take the risk of the accusation along with the opportunity to challenge the “official” version.

    Once upon a time the world was “officially” flat, but some brave journalists listened to people like Galileo and reported his investigation and as a result we no longer fear sailing off the edge of the world.

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