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Troy Police dogs retiring

Published 11:00pm Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Two police dogs are being retired from the force after years of service.

Muscles, a beagle used for tracking, and Rex, a German shepherd, will no longer be on duty.

At Tuesday night’s Troy City Council meeting, council members voted to allow Muscles to be declared “surplus” to the Troy Police Department’s needs and bids will now be accepted for those who would like to purchase and adopt the dog who is about 10 years old.

The council suspended the rules Tuesday night and also voted to allow recently retired Sgt. Tim Hunter to adopt his canine partner, Rex.

Also at the meeting, the council voted to purchase two vans for the Nutrition Center for use by senior citizens. The city’s cost will be a 20 percent match under a Department of Transportation agreement.

During the meeting, council members also discussed and voted in favor of helping to purchase a pictometry program with the Pike County Revenue Commissioner’s Office that will provide aerial pictures for use by the Revenue Commissioner, planning commission, police department, fire department and others. The total cost will be about $170,000 over three years. Pike County will be responsible for about $90,000, Troy about $60,000 and E-911 about $15,000.

The council also voted to designate Troy’s downtown area as a historical district to be registered with the state.

Before the council adjourned, Mayor Jason A. Reeves noted that the state has approached him to open discussion about a partnership with the City of Troy to create a possible recreation area and destination at Pike County Lake.

Reeves also shared that 2012 numbers are in and there was $26,156,826.73 worth of construction that took place in Troy. That number is the highest it has been since 2008 and is $1 million more than 2011.

The next scheduled council meeting is set for Feb. 12.


  • barbender

    So what happens if Muscles doesn’t get adopted? Does he get put to sleep like the hundred or so other dogs they kill every year?

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    • paradisereturn

      Bid on him and prevent that from happening. – I’m actually tempted to bid on him myself.

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  • CG55

    Why was Hunter referenced as surplus, he served his purpose and is no longer needed so let’s sale him.. Shouldn’t he be retired with gratitude and respect as other officers? I am wondering also will he be put down? Where is he staying in the mean time ? Pound?

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  • Harry

    cg55 do you have officer Hunter confused with the dog Rex . The article clearly states that officer Hunter is being allowed to adopt Rex who was his partner . This is great because they have worked together and know each other well.

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    • CG55

      @ Harry yes I meant Muscles sorry and Ty for catching that. I’m really glad that Officer Hunter is adopting Rex.. He is a very nice person who gave me so many pointers when I got my German Shephard. I wish I could bid on Muscles but I have 2 rescues now and one has a few issues. I just want Muscles to have the retirement he deserves after serving our community.

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  • mustang89

    Poor Muscles being sold of like a piece of scrap metal. The city should be ashamed.

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  • Steven Stiffler

    Stiffy says….

    It is a pure shame Tim retired. This Officer was one of the best men Troy ever had and I am sorry to see him go(Why)?. He took care of the dogs, he will always be the icon of K-9 in Troy Alabama, along with another who for some reason left and went to the State, got love for you to brother, These guys are the best, the city(lmao) is going to miss Tim and the dogs, there will never be anyone that can replace the “ole” K-9 team, I wish you good luck and you have seen the Stiffy many times, the Stiffy says thank you for your time and service, just wish more were like you and your old partner who went to the state, ya’ll are both GOLD!!

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