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Arming teachers not the best answer

Published 11:00pm Thursday, December 27, 2012

A state representative in Albertville said Thursday he plans to file a bill that would clear the path for administrators and teachers to carry guns in schools.

The proposed legislation, which has not been filed, would allow boards of education to identify and approve potential administrators and teachers to carry guns on campus. While the lawmaker says the proposal is not solely motivated by the killing of 20 children and six adults earlier this month in a Connecticut school, that tragedy is an impetus for the move.

Alabama won’t be alone in considering this type of legislation. Just last week, a national leader of the National Rifle Association called for armed security guards in every school across America as a safety measure. We suspect as the national debate is waged, gun control will become a political hot potato,with the victims of Sandy Hook used as emotional fodder on both sides of the argument.

But let’s not forget the tragedy in Connecticut runs much deeper than a debate over gun control or arming school security guards. It speaks to issues about metal health care and about the darkness that can drive a person to depths many of us cannot fathom and to unimaginably horrific acts.

And simply deciding to put guns in the hands of campus principals or teachers won’t solve those problems.

  • Observer

    The idea of allowing some school employees to be armed has a certain appeal, but the notion of putting that decision in the hands of the school board is questionable. Considering some of the recent hires by our local board, I would not trust its judgment in determining who should be armed.

    The Marine Corps mentality is fine for waging war but is not well suited to the supervision of children. It would be better to arm pacifists who would shoot only as a last resort than some trigger-happy Rambo wanna-be’s.

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  • Aborted

    First,they voted to take prayer out of the schools, now their voting to allow more guns in our schools. The devil and the NRA have taken over. Why does a stressed out, underpaid, and overworked school teacher need to carry a gun? Wait until a few of these folks are experiencing a bad episode of menopause, andropause, and PMS. They gone set it off!

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