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Street ministry fulfills the ‘great commission’

Published 11:00pm Monday, December 3, 2012

Mt. Olive Assembly of God Church is blessed to have a group of young ministers who are preaching the gospel, not just within the walls of the church buildings, but out among the people.

Scott Henderson, a young minister with Mt. Olive Assembly of God Church in Brundidge, took the message of God’s love, mercy and grace to the streets in Brundidge on Saturday.

Scott Henderson is one of the young ministers who have answered God’s call. He believes that God’s commission to go into all the world doesn’t mean only distant lands.

“God calls us to the streets, too,” said Henderson, who preached on the street corner for the first time Saturday in Brundidge.

“The street ministry of Mt. Olive is an effort to expand our mission field,” Henderson said. “Not everybody is going to be in church to hear the Word of God so we have to do all we can to reach them.

“The Bible says that we are to go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in. That’s what we are hoping to do with our street ministry.”

For more than a year, members of Mt. Olive have been ministering on the street corner in Brundidge with a sign ministry. Saturday was the first day the street ministry was expanded to include preaching on the street.

“People responded in different ways,” Henderson said. “One lady turned the radio up and took off, yet a man came over, gave me a hug and expressed his appreciation for what we were doing. He even offered us a donation. Some people rolled their cars windows up and some rolled them down. We got more feedback than we expected. Most people seemed amused. All in all, it was a positive experience.”

Christie McLendon is leading the Mt. Olive street ministry and said, too, that the ministry is an effort to reach the lost by spreading the Word of God into the highways and hedges.

“Our signs have messages that will hopefully cause people to think about their relationship with Jesus,” McLendon said. “Some of the signs have scriptures and others have the message that ‘Jesus loves you.’ Some people need to be reminded of that and others need to know that Jesus loves them.”

McLendon said there is no way of knowing the impact of their street ministry but one way that Mt. Olive is filling the Great Commission that Jesus left.


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