Council votes to sue for $26,000

Published 11:30pm Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Troy City Council met Tuesday evening with a short list of items to discuss.

Terra Cotta Outdoor Market representative Scott Gardner spoke to the council to request off premises retail beer and wine licenses in order to include wine and specialty beers in certain gift baskets. The council approved the request unanimously.

The council also voted to allow the Troy Police Department to declare two firearms no longer needed for municipal purposes as surplus property in order to trade them in for new firearms to be used by officers expected to graduate from Police Academy soon.

Several months ago, a tractor-trailer unit owned by Big M Transportations was involved in a crash that caused about $26,000 worth of damages to utility poles in the city. The company’s insurance carrier has refused to pay damages and the council voted to enter into a lawsuit in order to recover the money.

Tuesday, the council also voted to enter into an agreement with PowerSouth Energy Cooperative to use the company’s right of way in order to provide utilities to incoming company Advanced Disposal Systems on Hudson Street, and to enter into an agreement with Southern Company to provide transmission of power to the city.

Mayor Reeves and the council made the following appointments and reappointments: Mayor Jason Reeves to the South Central Alabama Development Commission Board, Allen Jones, Jr. to the Downtown Redevelopment Authority, John Little to the Industrial Development Board, Sharon Daniels to the Troy Public Education Building Authority, Perry Green to the Board of Adjustments, Dax Pugh to the Board of Adjustments, Jerry McLendon to the Charles Henderson Medical Clinic Board, Ann McMillan to the Troy Housing Authority, Jerry D. Smith to the Troy Housing Authority, and Rev. Sam Green to the Planning Commission.

The next scheduled meeting of the Troy City Council is Dec. 11 at City Hall.


  • abc

    If the city voted to enter into an agreement with Southern Company (which is Alabama Power) to provide transmission of power to the city, what happened with the contract they signed a few months ago with Constellation Energy? Mayor Lunsford stated they were going with Constellation Energy to prevent a rate increase, then the next month we were hit with a 3 mil rate increase, now there’s no mention of Constellation Energy and they are entering into an agreement with Southern Company. Am I the only one confused by all of this?

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    • Robbyn Brooks

      Hi, I can certainly see how that is confusing. The City of Troy has partnered with Constellation Energy to provide power, but the power will be transmitted to Troy by the Southern Company. The agreement doesn’t change the cost to the customer or city because the Southern Co. was already providing that service separately from providing power to the city. Hope that helps!

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