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Meeting set to revive Girl Scout program

Published 11:00pm Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Girl Scouts are making a come back in Pike County.

Currently, there are no active Girl Scouts in Pike County and no active leaders, but Brandy Nelson is hoping to change that.

Nelson, a former Girl Scout, herself, is hosting a recruitment event at the Pioneer Museum of Alabama at 10:30 on Saturday.

Women interested in being Girl Scout leaders and volunteers and girls all the way up to 12th grade are invited to the event.

“We are really trying to pump it up and get parents involved so the girls can be involved,” Nelson said.

Nelson said she enjoyed her time as a Girl Scout and now she loves being an adult leader.

“We get to go camping on the battleship U.S.S. Alabama,” Nelson said. “We go canoeing and there are opportunities to learn new things like scuba and snorkeling.”

Nelson said being involved in Girl Scouts also gives children and young women chances to be involved in the community through service.

“The main thing is,” Nelson said, “it teaches girls to be better people. It encourages them by boosting their confidence levels.”

For more information about the revival of the Girl Scout program in Pike County, email call (334) 494-0640.


  • Bulldogsbaby

    There is a reason why it no longer has a strong prescence in Pike County and it is because of the central office in Montgomery. There were good leaders, strong troops in this county but the ones sitting in offices chose to harp on the good leaders and nit pick them to death on every little thing while allowing leaders who violated every rule when it came to safety, finances, operations, etc to continue and run people off. Also when you change the program and the way it is done every year girls and their parents get tired of it and leave. At one time we had a Junior troop and Senior girl scouts but because they wanted to keep changing everything the girls left. Eventually Daisies and Brownies grow up and they are ignore

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    • Bulldogsbaby

      CONT: Ignored. Also if you wanted to actually do anything with your troop except sell cookies to make money for the main organization and very little for your troop, they threw roadblocks every step of the way. If the Girl Scout organization wants to figure out why the decline, clean house from the top first!

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