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Police identify suspect in woman’s murder

Published 5:00pm Saturday, October 27, 2012

Troy Police have identified the man they are looking for in connection with the murder of a woman in Troy Saturday.

A warrant has been signed for Suroy Manquel Wheeler, 33. Police report he is about six feet tall and 175 pounds.

Suroy Wheeler
Suroy Wheeler

Sgt. Benny Scarbrough said police received a call shortly after 3 p.m. Saturday alerting them to a body found. Scarbrough would not release the identity of the victim, saying only that she was a 29-year-old black woman who was found in a Troy Villa apartment on Henderson Street. He would not say if she was alive at the time police arrived.

Wheeler ‘s bond has been set at $100,000.

The Pike County Coroner, Pike County Circuit Clerk’s Office and the Pike County District Attorney are assisting the Troy Police Department in this case.

Anyone with information is asked to call TPD at 566-0500 or the secret witness line at 566-5555.

  1. Redcap

    With respect to the family, should that read the identity of the female victim?

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  2. SKEET

    Why did you refer to the deceased as a suspect? She’s either alive or dead, no suspicion. What the frank? Troy Messenger has the right name because it’s a bunch of MESS.

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  3. BLOOD

    Folks are allowing the devil to destroy them. It only takes a little bit of deviation from God’s words to lead us on a path of destruction. According to Dr. Paul M. Elliott “Sin is a term we don’t hear very often in postmodern society. Sin is often trivialized: “We’ve all made mistakes” – “We’ve all made some poor choices in life” – “Nobody’s perfect” – “I’m just making a lifestyle choice.” Cohabitation outside of marriage used to be called “living in sin” and considered shameful. But if that phrase is used today, it’s usually just to make fun of the idea that it is morally wrong.” Here is the link for those who would like something positive to read, Condolences and respect to all involved.

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  4. Voice of Reason

    What I don’t understand is first with respect to the deceased, how does a person get a bond without first being arrested? Secondly there have been other cases where people were arrested on charges of murder or attempted murder and there bonds have been much lower than people charged with much lesser crimes. God bless this young lady’s soul, and give strength to her loved ones but the judical system needs to take a look at this.

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  5. Trojanparents

    @Voice of Reason: A bond is set every time a warrant is signed. Any clerk, whether it is municipal or state, sets the bonds at the time of the warrant being signed. (??? Not sure where you are getting your info from???) I would actually challenge you to find any case in Pike Co that was a lower crime & had a higher bond; that is an attorney’s dream, if it were true. Number one, there are bond guidelines that are followed; Number two, the judge would reduce it, if this were even close to being true information. Check your sources. Don’t just pretend to know what you are talking about & pass it on. Some of us out here actually went to school & know how the process works.

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  6. Trojanparents

    I mis-read what you said, but what you did say was still not true. And I would imagine that Attempted Murder would have a lower bond than Murder. But you are right, the “judicial system” should look into this. Oh wait, that’s what we like to call, “the Judge”.

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  7. Observer

    A local person with property and family here is less a flight risk than someone from out of state with no connection to Pike Co. A person of limited means has less ability to flee than one who can afford to leave a home etc., A murder suspect may have had some justification for the killing and the prospect of being freed after a trial. Even if convicted, those convicted of murder usually are better risks as trusty’s than those convicted of stealing.

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  8. BLOOD

    Sometimes, “we” are too quick to judge and convict others. None of us are exempt from adversity. We never know when it’s our time in the fire. I don’t have a sermon this morning, but my advice is to “watch your selves”. Your day will come soon enough. I have learned to brace myself with the armor of the Lord at all times for the unpredictable storms of life. Let’s look around our homes and families and count our blessings. Let’s do something positive and good today. God and his appointed ones will take care of those who violate the laws of the land.

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  9. Voice of Reason

    @ Blood you are absolutely right and I pray that no one ever has to be on either end of a situation like this! @ Observer I think you should check your facts and check the the history of some of these suspects and you will see that they were already convicted of violent crimes! But not to get my point misconstrued I believe in due process and i’m not convicting this man, I just think that if you have enough evidence to charge someone with murder, a $100,000 bond seems a little low.

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