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Calhoun Seeks position of Pike County Circuit Clerk

Published 6:41pm Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Pike County native, Daryl Calhoun, 45, announces his plan to seek the office of Pike County Circuit Clerk.

Calhoun, a 1985 Pike County High School graduate, said, “After discussion with my wife, and much prayer, I have decided to seek the office of Pike County Circuit Clerk.”

Calhoun is married to Tammy Livingston Calhoun and they are the proud parents of two children, Sarah Elizabeth, 10 and Jace, 8. Together they attend First Baptist Church of Troy. Calhoun’s parents, Sherrill and Ruby Calhoun, are also Pike County natives.

Daryl Calhoun
Daryl Calhoun

Daryl’s past employment includes the City of Troy police department and the Pike County sheriff’s department. For 23 years, Calhoun has worked for the Alabama Department of Transportation as transportation manager. Tammy is an employee at the Pike County Board of Education, and has worked there for over 21 years.

Calhoun pledges that when elected, he will make a positive difference in the office of circuit clerk. He will make every effort to be a servant leader, leading by example.

The “New Vision” campaign theme is one that includes positive elements. “It will not be politics as usual.” Calhoun continues, “I feel that voters deserve to know important information and facts to help them determine how they will vote.”

“The people of Pike County are worthy of a circuit clerk who will be consistent, credible, caring, reliable, and approachable,” Calhoun said. “One that is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and work hard….I am without a doubt that person,” he continued.

Calhoun said, “As a candidate seeking your vote for circuit clerk, I promise to run a positive campaign. I pledge not to solicit or accept campaign donations from anyone. Taking away the idea that favors are owed to certain people for their campaign contributions.”

“When elected circuit clerk, I promise to make decisions that are best for the majority, not for a select few. And, I will manage the office of circuit clerk efficiently and effectively,” Calhoun said.

Calhoun shares, “I feel that the citizens of Pike County deserve a friendly and courteous staff to include an open door policy that will welcome everyone.”

Calhoun plans to integrate new technology that would add an element of security and efficiency to the office of circuit clerk. The system could allow for automatic alert of out-of-date licenses, certificates, and other date sensitive documentation that if not monitored could prove to be costly and dangerous for the people of Pike County.

“In Pike County just a few weeks ago, the failure to recognize expired licenses could have resulted in the release of an alleged rapist and burglar,” shared Calhoun. Reported by Matt Olofson in the Dothan Eagle on July 13, 2012, Ragan Ingram, the chief of staff for the State Department of Insurance confirmed that the bail-bonding agent in this case had failed to renew his license that expired on January 31.

Calhoun shared that the failure to recognize the expired license led to multiple suspects release without secured bonds. “Making sure that licenses are up-to-date and bonds are secure, are two of the many responsibilities of the office of circuit clerk. I will not take this responsibility lightly,” said Calhoun.


Another issue that Calhoun speaks passionately is the elected officials elaborate supernumerary retirement plan. Calhoun said, “This plan allows Alabama circuit clerks to retire after 18 years of service and collect 75% of their salary.” Calhoun promises that he will not participate in this plan as he feels it takes advantage of taxpayer’s money

Calhoun will be campaigning door-to-door until the election. He wishes he could speak to each person, but, if your paths do not cross, he asks you to vote for a “New Vision” for Pike County. Cast your vote for a man who is capable and consistent, a man of character and concern, vote for Daryl Calhoun.

You may visit to learn more about Daryl, his family, and his campaign.

This article was submitted on behalf of Daryl Calhoun by Donna C. Sanders.

  • ilovefood

    “The people of Pike County are worthy of a circuit clerk who will be consistent, credible, caring, reliable, and approachable,” Calhoun said. “One that is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and work hard….I am without a doubt that person,” he continued.

    WE already have this !!!! If it is not broke, then we dont need to fix it!!!
    It says he wants to run a clean campaign, it seems to me that he is taking shots at someone….it may just be me

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  • BaseballFan

    Mr. Calhoun, keep your day job. You maybe a great man but I feel this position is filled by the right person.

    You’re foolish to insinuate that the current clerk is not hardworking, consistent, credible, caring, reliable, and approachable. She’s done an excellent job and has exemplified every trait you mentioned since she’s been in office and before! I think the experience counts!

    I believe your creditably is already in question when you speak of running a “positive” campaign then in the same breath throw verbal jabs at someone.

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  • mm2181

    This article shows just how little he knows about this office. All the flowery, warm and fuzzy language won’t change that simple fact. For one, the Clerk has nothing to do with finding out info about a bonding agency, and never will. Furthermore, anyone who knows even the slightest about how bail bonds work knows that the Sheriff approves the bonds, not the Clerk. Anyone who thinks that our Clerk isn’t available or doing her job to the fullest extent humanly possible is quite frankly wrong! Well before she took office she was the first person anyone would call to find info on a case or ask a question, because she knew the most. No offense to Mr. Calhoun at all, but he is nowhere near the candidate that we have now. How could he be, considering her experience and his lack of it? I would say this about anyone else running, too! Vote Jamie!

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  • DIYqueen2

    mm2181-Mr. Calhoun is correct in his article. The clerk’s office is where bonding agencies are monitored and approved. They should have a copy of all license on file. The clerk’s office notifies the sheriff when someone is eligible to make bond. The sheriff’s office then approves the bond prepared by the clerk. The agent referenced in this article was allowed by the clerk’s office to continue securing bonds without license. This allowed over 100 people to be illegally released.
    What we should question is why the Troy Messenger did not cover this in more detail.

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  • Mook

    I don’t know Mr. Calhoun or his character but it does seem like he is kind of throwing jabs at the current Circuit Clerk. I also don’t know Ms. Scarbough personally. I don’t have business with the clerk’s office on a regulary base, but the times I have had business with the clerk’s office I was treated politely and they were very helpful. I have seen Ms. Scarbough several times at the ball games and she has always been friendly and polite. She seems to be approachable and concerned. Mr. Calhoun may be a great person but on this one I agree with “ilovefood,” if it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it. I think Jamie is doing a fine job. Keep up the good work Jamie!

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  • mm2181

    Sorry, DIYqueen2, the article is quite misleading. The clerk approves companies prior to the beginning of each year. Once the clerk approves the bonding company & agents, the presiding judge then approves the company. That order is given to the sheriff, showing that all license & insurance information is valid. After that, it is not the clerks duty or responsibility to keep up with the agents license. Only 1 time per year, when they qualify. The dept of insurance notifies the owner of the company when the license expires, not the clerk. If 1 bond was done illegally, or 1 person was released illegally, don’t u think they would have been required to post new bonds?? Not one person had to, because all of the bonds were covered under the company and insurance company he was writing under. And no, once again, the Clerk does not approve bonds, that is the Sheriff’s job. Maybe you’re thinking about civil appeal bonds, but criminal bonds are not handled by the Circuit Clerk.

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  • frog0226

    I would have to agree with ilovefood if it anit broke don’t fix it. And for sure not with honest Abe. When I read this I thought it was a joke, the things he was referring to himself as a honest, credible,caring,reliable person I am sry I dont mean to bash anyone but I personly know this prson and he is by far these things He has never done anything to me personal but he should look at his trailor park in banks and all the poor people that live in his junk trailor that the gov. pays him for that are not suitable to use as dog kennels (but we shall remember he is honest and caring). I will make sure that I vote this year for who ever is running against Calhoun.I am sry for such harsh comments but we already have enough “good officals” I dont we can handle many more.

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