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Utilities could increase by 3 mils

Published 11:00pm Tuesday, October 9, 2012

While the City of Troy has remained firmly against the door-to-door solicitations of business, Councilman Johnny Meeks said the city’s policy doesn’t extend to church groups.

Representatives from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints appeared at Tuesday’s city council meeting to request a permit to go door-to-door.

“The ordinance was written to prevent businesses from selling door-to-door,” Witherington said. “I don’t think it was ever our intent to keep prevent church groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts or even politicians from going to people’s homes.”

Witherington told the church representatives they could continue on their church mission without a city permit.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, city council members voted to allow Mayor Jimmy Lunsford to sign a 90-day contract with Professional Cleaning Services to provide janitorial services for the Troy Municipal Airport, City Hall and the city’s public safety building. The need for cleaning services was left open by the recent retirement of a city employee.

The next meeting of the Troy City Council will be held on Oct. 23 where the council will take action after the second reading of two ordinances.

The first is an ordinance annexing 3.48 acres of property along U.S. Highway 231 owned by Troy Bank & Trust into the city. If the city council does approve the annexation request, Troy Bank & Trust will combine that property with about 20 other acres and request that the land be rezoned as light industrial.

The second ordinance, if adopted by the council, would raise utility rates across the board by three mils per kilowatt-hour used.

Bob Mills and Jimmy Jordon were appointed to another term on the Housing Authority Board and Evelyn Watson was reappointed to the Library Board.


  • abc

    I don’t understand. On 9/11 The Messenger reported the following: “Lunsford explained that while uniting with Constellation Energy won’t reduce consumer rates, it will lock them in place for the next five years.” Then, in the same article, “Without this contract, we would be looking at substantial increases over the next five years,” Lunsford said. Now, they’re saying our rates will rise 3 mills, which is completely different from what we were lead to believe. What’s going on? Why switch to some unknown energy company, Constellation Energy, if our rates will go up anyway?

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    • KCTroy

      Great points! It is ridiculous how much the customer gets taken advantage of in these situations. I wonder what their explanation for the increase would be…

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  • Prophet

    Cities use utility companies as a clandestine means to indirectly tax the citizens more. Most citizens dont even realize they are paying an additional tax when it’s added on the utility bill. None the less it is a tax !! Cities are searching for any way they can to generate revenue and you can bet they are going to add additional taxes anywhere they can. Of course they will attempt to do it in a surreptitious manner where it wont reflect on them personally in the next election.

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