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How much do we value our freedom?

Published 11:00pm Friday, September 28, 2012

I have been wondering if anyone but I has been worried about the future of our country, our family, our children, our parents and grandparents?

What is going to happen to our parents and grandparents if Medicare runs out?

What will happen to our children and grandchildren if we cannot afford to feed them or rose yet, our farmers are put out of business because of the astronomical costs and regulations it takes and will take to farm in the future?

How will we feel tomorrow if we cannot speak our minds without retribution?

How much more politically correct can this country get without giving up all our rights, which are given to us by God, not man, but instead are steadily being removed by the hands and pens of men?

Why do we believe everything in the news and news media, just like it is the gospel truth? Doesn’t anyone check and verify anymore?

This country and everyone in it should bind together, because surely a house divided cannot stand.

Think very long and hard before we cast our votes this year or before we know it, we will be sitting on our porches (if we still have them) trying to describe to our children and grandchildren how America used to be and what it used to be like living here – which we take for granted every day!

I am not much for watching movies. Certainly I am not much for recommending them. But I do recommend that everyone go see the movie “2016.” It should open your eyes and make you think (it did me). At the very lease your choices will be conscious ones and hopefully it will make everyone appreciate more of what we have and what we need to keep.

What does freedom really mean to you? Ask our men and women who have served and do currently serve our country. Ask those people which will be deployed and will not even have the opportunity to vote this year. Shame on us for not standing up for their right to vote.

Please remember free isn’t really free. Everything comes at a cost.

Thank you for printing my letter and to those of you taking the time to read my letter.

Lynn Wentworth


  • BH1880

    This is a dieing nation, ethics brought about by a belief in God are gone. Those that do not believe in a higher power will not grant the same right to those that do. I watched as Democrats booed God at there national convention. NBC reports that Romney’s report that about 48% of the nation is living off the government is correct, what happens when the money runs out? The right of freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful assembly guaranteed by the Constitution in Pike county have been violated. Money is becoming worthless, it takes more and more to purchase items. Why go on, no one reads, no one looks for the truth what ever it is.

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    • Trojan97

      So true! Unfortunately people are blinded by their belief that our government will always be able to take care of them. The fact is that our fate lies in Chinas hands. If they stopped allowing us to borrow money, we’d be In a mell of a Hess. I am scared to death of what my three children may face if something doesn’t change now. People need to open their eyes and educate themselves on the issues that really matter In this election. Unfortunately I think that many will vote on basis Of color, and others on issues like gay marriage and abortion. As important as these issues are, they do not compare to the issue Of which candidate can turn our country around. Who has proven that they know how to manage or turn around a bad situation. Seems to me that Romney has done it several tImes.

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  • goatfarmer98

    Very true, well written. I can feel your frustration and call to action.
    Might I invite you to visit, another attempt to control our land and our lives – right here in Alabama.

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  • Prophet

    This is a good and accurate letter. The citizens rights and the constitution have been usurped under the guise of protection. We have seen numerous executive orders as well as congressional mandates that are slowly but surely robbing us of the rights this country was founded on. The paradigm will continue until we are a socialist/fascist country. Ayn Rand warned us this would happen over 50 yrs ago in her book “Atlas Shrugged”.

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