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Community helpers

Published 11:00pm Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday was Community Helpers Day at Troy Elementary School. Kindergarteners were able to meet with firefighters, a City of Troy utility crew, a United States Postal Service mail carrier, police and paramedics with CARE Ambulance. The community helpers spoke to students about their jobs and safety. Then children were allowed to take a closer look at the helpers’ equipment and vehicles. There are 188 kindergarteners enrolled at the Hank Jones Early Childhood Center at TES.

  • inmyopinion

    188 in kindergarten – wow. Enrollment is way up. Not sure I agree with everything that is going on with the new administration but you can’t argue with success.

    Community helpers coming over to the school was awesome for those kids. I bet their eyes were wide open looking at those suites and equipment. Great job TES & TCS.

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  • Virtuous

    WOW is right…

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  • Omelas

    How many of them will stay until 9th grade? And, at current graduation rates in Troy, if all 188 make it to 9th grade 56.4 of them will not even get a diploma.

    Wow is right.

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  • BaseballFan

    Leave it to the bitter few to take a story with a positive message and spin in a negative way.

    On a positive note, my child really enjoyed the community helpers. I know he got some good out of it.

    Oh, don’t worry “Pauly D” my children are fully supported by their parents. I hope that somewhat eases your feeble mind.

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  • WDM

    Pauly why do you think you tax dollars go to these kids for groceries and health-care.Their parents may have a better job than you.

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  • Omelas

    What is the free/reduced price lunch rate at Troy Elementary? 68.7% in 2011 according to this site:

    Now, what percentage of those are getting gubmint (read taxpayer) “assistance” in other than school lunches? You know, WIC, AFDC, housing, Medicaid, etc. ad nauseum?

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