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‘Dance with the one that brought you’

Published 8:30am Friday, September 7, 2012

There’s a saying, “Dance with the one that brought you.”

I think it applies to college sports, as well as relationships.

As I drive around Troy and Troy University’s campus, I’m amazed at the number of Alabama and Auburn bumper stickers, window decals and other items that declare love of a team other than Troy. Troy students walk around with Auburn caps instead of cardinal and black ones.

That’s not to say you can’t be a fan of another team or cheer on players you like who aren’t on the field for your alma mater, but there is a school right in our backyard where many of us received our degrees. There’s an educational facility that employs a great deal of people who live in Troy. It’s a school that gives scholarships and opportunities to students who might not otherwise have the chance to further their education.

I didn’t grow up in Troy, but I am a Troy girl. My mother is a Troy graduate, now in her 43 year of teaching. Two uncles are Troy grads, one served many years in the area as a banker and the other still works as an accountant here. Two aunts received their degrees from Troy. My brother studied computer science at Troy. Two cousins are graduates and one has almost completed his studies. My husband and I both graduated from the Hall School of Journalism at Troy University.

Troy University may not receive the national publicity that Auburn University or the University of Alabama see on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean the school isn’t worthy of support.

Troy is a school that produces its own share of talent. Jill Dobson of Fox News and Tom Foreman of CNN are Troy alumni. Former NASA astronaut William G. Gregory studied at Troy. Senators, mayors and major generals are even graduates of Troy University.

And, as the school prepares for the first home game of the 2012 season, let’s not forget Super Bowl XVII players Osi Umenyiora, Lawrence Tynes and Jerrel Jernigan. Or DeMarcus Ware, Virgil Seay, Derrick Moore, Larry Mason, Al Lucas, Brannon Condren, Elbert Mack and Alfred Malone – all who have played or are playing in the NFL.

So while you might still like to cheer for other teams in the state where your parents or grandparents went to school, if you are a Troy grad be proud of it.

Put a “T” next to your “A” or “AU” on the back window of your car. And get your cardinal, black and silver ready for the game on Saturday.

For many of us, Troy helped shape who we are and where we ended up. Let’s show a little gratitude and support in exchange.


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  • Geez


    Gotta love people who are DIE HARD Alabama/Auburn fans with ZERO connection to the University.

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  • letsbebetter

    Here Here

    I laugh so hard at people that think “you have to chose Alabama or Auburn” GROW UP! If you went to school at TROY and you do not support YOUR University your priorities are in the wrong place.

    I will say this if you went to TROY and cheer for another school one day you will realize that people are looking at you and saying how silly you are “you didn’t even go to school here”.

    Most won’t understand why I think this way because they have don’t have a allegiance to their school what ever school that it is, they just want be a part of a group because they are bigger and that is just easier to be a part of.

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  • Observer

    An assumption of the editorial and the first two responses is that there is some connection between the students and the entertainment industry of public universities functioning as farm programs for the NFL. Why should students or alumni be expected to be loyal and supportive of the professional athletes and their procurers when players, coaches and administrators are ready at a moments notice to change their loyalty when a more lucrative offer comes their way?

    As for bumper stickers, etc., around town: plenty of Troy students attend Troy State but how many are on the payroll of the athletic industry? Most Trojans who go to Troy State pay their own tuition, buy their own books and their money subsidizes the professional athlete/entertainers.

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    • trojanchad

      You do know the name changed in 2004, right? Are you slow, stupid or just hateful? Either way, your assumption that you are clever is misguided. The NFL was mentioned above during a reference to what Troy has accomplished, not for the support of the teams they play on.

      Messenger Staff: PLEASE CHANGE THE COMMENTS TO FACEBOOK LOGIN to cut down on the TROLLS.

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      • Omelas

        There is no need for ad hominem attacks, Chad. Observer merely posted a view that differs from yours. To that you reply by insulting his/her intelligence and by name-calling.

        If you can’t bear reading opinions that differ, then by all means, stick your head back in the sand.

        If a flock of 100 Troy ostriches had their heads in the sand, and one raised his head up momentarily, he would look around and ask, “Where is everybody?”.

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  • Observer

    Yes, I am aware that Troy State changed its name – they can call it anything they want but that will not change what it is – a state university. Although the city school board subsidized the initial construction of the college and the city has subsidized the school ever since (including building, equipping and maintaining much of the stadium and its expansions) it does not belong to the city and the city should not bear the blame by having its name used in the title of the college without the “state” modifier.

    If the Messenger changed the comments section to facebook you would not be able to hide behind a screen name and challenge other’s intelligence because they disagree with your desire to drink the KoolAid.

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  • Omelas

    I’ve watched for quite a while now, just to see if anyone else would bring up this point:

    This editorial seems strange for a champion of the First Amendment to write. I’m not saying Robbyn doesn’t make a point, just that it is odd for a journalist to post this view.

    Freedom of speech, freedom of association, etc. are some of our most valued freedoms. I know that several students at TU who have worn apparel promoting other universities have been given a “rough time” by TU faculty and administrators for doing so.

    I understand the desire to promote the “home team”, but we must also carefully guard ourselves against infringement on our freedom of expression.

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