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What happens when we don’t learn respect?

Published 11:00pm Thursday, September 6, 2012

R-E-S-P-E-C-T …

Popular song aside, the basic tenets of respect seem to be lacking in many areas these days.

Just consider the locker room brawl that took place at Goshen High School after a football game last week. The brawl led to the arrest of one parent and the withdrawal of four students from the school. Those youngsters likely will face legal action, as well.

Those involved say anger and disrespect were at the heart of the matter, and that’s disappointing. All of us have experienced times in our lives when we disagree, when we’re angry, when we’re frustrated. But how we handle those – and how we treat the others around us – is dictated by our respect for others and our respect for ourselves.

Basic respect – for yourself, for others, for adults or for students – should be a core behavior and a fundamental expectation. When it’s not, or when that respect isn’t maintained, chaos ensures.

Respect is a core character trait that needs to be taught from birth, modeled in home and in school, and employed in everyday life for adults. And disrespect should not be tolerated.

Sadly, the family of Goshen High School is learning that lesson the hard way this week.


  • Observer

    Take careful aim before shooting yourself in the foot.

    The editorial stresses the need for and consequences of the failure of respect – but it fails to specify where the respect was lacking. Was it the students’ failure to respect the coaches or was it the coaches failure to respect the students?

    That next to last line, “And disrespect should not be tolerated.” can be taken either way – as justifying the student and parent outrage at the coach not showing proper respect (also known as “dissing” or “disrespecting” which has emerged from the politically correct insistence on boosting the self-esteem of even the least deserving as justification for violence, or justifying the coaches’ alleged physical abuse of the dissing student.

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    I am more convinced some of the folks working for the Troy Messenger are racist using this news paper to support racism. The Goshen incident is old news. Who wrote this article?

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