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Dunn re-elected, Moultry falls short in Troy

Published 11:00pm Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Although results are not yet official, final numbers show one Troy incumbent city council member has been re-elected, while another was ousted in Tuesday’s municipal elections.

In District 1, Charlie “Sarge” Dunn will keep his seat on the council after garnering 282 votes. His challenger, Shelby Tuck, earned 204 votes. District 5 incumbent Wanda Moultry lost to challenger Dejerilyn Henderson, 306 to 254. Henderson had challenged Moultry for the seat in 2008, as well.

“I am thrilled,” Henderson said after hearing the news Tuesday night. “Today was so exciting. I am looking forward to making sure my constituents know that they have a voice at city hall.”

Henderson said she was saving her victory celebrating for when her son can join her in October.

In District 3, Marcus Paramore defeated Todd Kreis 272 to 82 votes.

“We feel very fortunate and blessed,” Paramore said while at a small gathering of friends and family The Pines Tuesday night. “I’m looking forward to making sure our schools continue to be good and continue to be safe. We are willing to roll up our sleeves and work to make sure our hospital continues to be viable.”

Several races in Troy had already been decided before election night. Incumbent Charles Meeks is stepping down from his District 2 position and his son, Greg Meeks, ran unopposed for the same seat. Incumbent District 4 council member Johnny Witherington ran unopposed. And current council member for District 3, Jason Reeves, had no competition after he qualified to run for mayor.

“It’s been a much less stressful day than I anticipated when I started to run,” Reeves said with a smile on Tuesday night as he waited with others for official results at Troy City Hall. “I’m looking forward to working hard for the citizens.”

Councilman Charles Meeks was also at city hall to hear election results. The night was bittersweet.

“It’s been an honor and a privilege of mine to represent Troy for so many years,” Meeks said.

“But for my son to take my place, it means a lot to me. The people here have been mighty good to my family.”

City Clerk Alton Starling said all results reported Tuesday night are unofficial. Although there were more than 40 provisional ballots filled out in the Troy election, Starling said the number wasn’t enough to affect the outcome of the election.

Results will become official on the morning of Sept. 4.


  • topnotchtungsten

    Good heavens. After 30 years and an untold number of attempts, Henderson finally won an election. All I have to say is look out, Troy. Gonna be a lot of shouting at council meetings. She’s done it before, so I don’t see why she wouldn’t do it again.

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  • inittowinit

    People please let ALL the negative go and except what is. If a person was and is true and doing EVERYTHING as it should then ALL the RIGHT people would be where they should be. If Mrs. Henderson was such of a loud person and doing things incorrectly than she would NOT have had the supporters that she did. It is and was time for a change to come. Give her the chance the supporters of District 5 has given her, get in there and help her and not talk about her.

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    • Kelly

      I can’t except it. I might accept it, though…

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    • patriot2009

      Unless, all her supporters are loud radical types that love disorder and controversy. I hope she has matured over the years. We’ll wait and see.
      p.s. Congrats to “Sarge” Dunn what a wonderful person and Great American…Your Army/military service to the United States of America is deeply and honestly APPRECIATED (I admire the way you show your pride)

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  • Jack Bauer

    A lobbyist is now a council member. Conflict of interest?

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    • topnotchtungsten

      Marcus Paramore is the least of your worries. The “conflict of interest” is going to be “conflict in the chamber” once DJH gets going. No more disagreement while still maintaining civility and respect! Them days is over! No more smiley faces at city hall!!!

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