Rob Drinkard serves guests during the American Cancer Society'€™s Celebrity Waiter Dinner at The Pines in Troy, Ala., Thursday, July 26, 2012. (Messenger Staff Photo/Thomas Graning)

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Celebs for a cure

Published 11:07am Friday, July 27, 2012

Notable community members join the ACS to raise money for cancer research

It’s not often the future mayor of Troy or a local beauty queen serves you dinner.

But the two, along with other area “celebrities,” teamed up with the American Cancer Society for Pike County’s first Celebrity Waiter Dinner that raised more than $1,000.

“I think we are going to have a little under 80 people here and we have seven waiters,” said Liz McGrath, community representative for the American Cancer Society.

Although the dinner didn’t start until 7 p.m., three celebs already had their tables ready to go by 6. City Councilmember Wanda Moultry, Goshen Head Football Coach Bart Snyder and his wife, Pike County School’s Technology Coordinator Stephanie Snyder, were the first to set up.

“They’ve really gone all out,” McGrath said. “There are fresh flowers and napkin rings out. It looks special.”

Miss Troy 2012 was putting the finishing touches on her table about 6 p.m. and waiting on her Little Miss Troy partner.

“We went with the theme ‘Queens for a Cure,’” Powell said. “Everything has a fancy rhinestone look.”

Powell said she wanted to volunteer for the event because her mother worked in oncology radiation for many years and her aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was young.

“I just thought this was a great way for me to be involved,” Powell said. “We just want to have fun with everyone tonight while educating people about cancer.”

Each celebrity was tasked with trying to sell 10 tickets and decorating the tables. Any tips given at the event join in the ticket sales and all money raised goes to Pike County Relay for Life.

Other celebrity waiters at the event were Rob Drinkard, Colley Senior Complex Director Janet Motes and Troy Mayor-elect Jason Reeves.

  • mysnbama

    According to the information provided in the Troy Messenger last week, Mr. Daryl Calhoun (one of the Candidates for Circuit Clerk)would be one of the Celebrity Servers! I was sincerely looking forward to meeting and speaking with Mr. Calhoun regarding his campaign and what he has to offer to this position. Was he a no-show or did I leave too early?

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  • DIYqueen2

    I was at the dinner and obviously you were not or you would know where Mr. Calhoun was and why he was not present. His wife as a cancer survivor was the speaker and opened by saying that he was with their daughter preparing for the World Series which began the next day.
    Since when do we not support fathers, even if they are candidates, which spend quality time with their children? I know the Calhoun’s and know how dedicated they are to supporting the American Cancer Society. Mrs. Calhoun served as Honorary Chair in 2010 and serves on the Pike County Relay for Life Board. Mr. Calhoun was named Caregiver of the year for 2012.
    This dinner was a fund raiser for the ACS it was not a political forum.
    The ASC is always accepting donations mysnbama have you given back lately or you just about trying to discredit other people to make you and your “friend” feel better?

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  • mysnbama

    I apologize for apparently offending you DIYqueen2. I apparently arrived too late to hear Mrs. Calhoun speak. You are correct; the dinner was a fund raiser for ACS, but after reading the Troy Messenger and understanding that Mr. Calhoun would be there as a celebrity who is running for Circuit Clerk I was hoping to meet Mr. Calhoun; not the ONLY reason that I was there, but looking forward to meeting him. For you to insinuate that I would discredit any father or mother for supporting their child at such an unforgettable event is totally absurd. I don’t know Mr. Calhoun or his family, but I would prefer to believe that Mr. Calhoun would not be the least bit offended to speak with a citizen of Pike County regarding his plans as the potential Circuit Clerk at any venue. With that being said DIYqueen2, I am a voting citizen of Pike County, a check writing supporter of ACS and I am not here to make anyone “feel better”. I will ask however, what kind of “friend” are you to attack someone for only asking if Mr. Calhoun was a no-show? Just thank me for giving you the opportunity to explain where he was to those (like myself) who perhaps missed Mrs. Calhoun’s speach.

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