Construction at Charles Henderson High School was one of the many projects discussed at the Troy City School Board meeting. (Messenger Staff Photo/Thomas Graning)

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Non-residents students to be accepted in Troy in August

Published 11:00pm Monday, July 16, 2012

Parents who live out of town but work in Troy will be able to enroll their students in a Troy City school beginning in August.

“We have checked this fully,” said Superintendent Lee Hicks. “Many school systems have this same policy. We are well within our rights as a city school system to do this.”

The non-resident school policy was adopted at Monday night’s Troy City School Board meeting, and Hicks said the option for parents is not designed to “compete or take children away” from Pike County Schools.

Students enrolled in a Pike County school are not eligible for non-resident status, according to the policy. Students who attend private schools in the county, or who live outside Pike County will be considered for enrollment.

“We wanted to open our doors to parents who commute, who are teachers at the university, or work at companies such at CGI to bring their children into the city with them when they come to work,” Hicks said, noting that the option would make it easier for parents to quickly reach sick children, take less time off work and be able to participate in daytime school presentations they normally might miss.

Applications and more information can be obtained at the Troy City School’s central office on the Elba Highway. Tuition for non-resident students has been set at $400 per semester.

Also at the school board meeting, board members voted to approve a contract with Kelly Services in order to have the company continue to supply substitute teachers and staff in the school system; to approve a state salary matrix for the system’s pay scale that would neither reduce or raise the current numbers; to approve taking the lowest bid when opened on July 18 for painting hallways at Troy Elementary School; and to hire Ginger Boutwell as a part-time Global Studies instructor at the Troy Pike Center for Technology.

One parent spoke at the meeting to voice her concerns regarding college level courses her son took before graduating from Charles Henderson High School. She said since some college courses he completed during his high school career weren’t counted on his high school transcript, he is in danger of losing scholarships and freshman status in college. She challenged the board to evaluate the system’s policy.

Board members and attending principals also noted continuing construction and expansion of schools and Hicks shared that he hopes to implement a “one on one” initiative that would put iPads in the hands of every student in ninth through 12th grade.

Hicks also gave thanks to Lowe’s for donating two storage units for use at the elementary school and high school with a total value of about $1,200.

The next scheduled meeting of the Troy City Schools Board of Education is set for 5:15 p.m. on Aug. 27.


  • Bill_OReally

    How can they arbitrarily discriminate against kids who currently go to Pike County schools yet still take kids from other school systems? Whats the difference? Why aren’t Pike County parents be given the same choice?

    Also, I heard on the radio that the CHHS middle school principal went to China on business. What the heck was that about? Was that on the government dime?

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  • Virtuous

    I guess the $400 a semester was a determining factor. I thought this was already set in place. I just thought it was for children who has a parent(s) teaching at a school outside of their zoning area…

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  • Whatdoyaknow

    I was hoping that the Pike County School System would adopt this policy. I would love to get my kids out of Troy City Schools, but refuse to send them to the private school in Troy because of the lack of programs for bright and gifted students.
    I would gladly pay for my kids to go somewhere like Banks.

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    • StevenTyler

      whatdoyaknow: You clearly didn’t read the article. This policy isn’t designed to take students out of Banks, Goshen and Pike County. In fact, if you are currently enrolled in the Pike County School system, you aren’t eligible to transfer to Troy City Schools. If the Pike County System adopted a similar policy, the same rule would apply.

      People whine all the time about the Troy City School system and NEVER give any reason why they are unhappy. My kids go there and I wouldn’t move them for all the money in the world. We have the best teachers and administrators in all three schools and more excellent teachers are hired every year. I will patiently wait for someone who regularly posts on this site to give a LEGITIMATE reason as to why you would move their kids.

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      • Whatdoyaknow

        I did read the article and did not saying anything about taking kids out of the Pike County School System. I said I had hoped Pike County would have adopted this policy. When this was originally suggested there were no stipulations of who would have been eligible. I was hopping for some sort of reciprocity between the two systems.
        As far as why I would like to take my kids out, I chose to be diplomatic and just say I wanted to take them out. If you would prefer for someone to name names and slam TCS, I am not that type of person.
        I am not sure why it would matter if I regularly post or not as far as making a comment. But ok.

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    • honeybadger

      You can go to a county school system now without paying tuition. Students go to Goshen HS claiming interest in the AG Academy and some in the county Indian program. What programs are you looking for? For bright and gifted students?

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      • Whatdoyaknow

        Thanks honeybadger. I will look into that.
        And yes, I would like for my kids to continue to be involved in the programs for gifted kids.

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  • Omelas

    Hicks had planned to open it up to Pike County kids, trying to boost his sagging (pun intended) enrollment by pulling in kids from the county. But, Dr. Bazzell was going to get the same policy passed for Pike County….and we all know Pike County would win that trade-off.

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  • WDM

    I have kids,grandkids that have gone to Brundidge,Goshen,Troy City Schools and Pike Lib.they all got a good education.Some have gone on to finish college.
    It all boils down to the children and parents wanting to do good.It is the same old story people in one school system thinking theirs is the best.

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  • Observer

    The key word in the policy (as reported) is “enrolled”. Students enrolled in the county schools cannot opt to attend city schools. However, if they withdraw from the county school, they are not enrolled and then could move to the city school. If necessary, one could withdraw from the county, enroll at a private school (or home school) for one day then move to the city schools.

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