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Thirty-five arrested Thursday morning at 315 Exchange

Published 9:33am Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thirty-five people, including a 17-year-old, were arrested early Thursday morning at the 315 Exchange for underage consumption of alcohol.

Two bartenders could also be facing charges for consuming alcohol on the job, pending an investigation, according to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

Lt. Thomas Price with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board said that two undercover agents, seven ABC officers and the Troy Police Department took part in the routine inspection and arrests.

“We went out and found our worst nightmare,” Price said. “Minors are getting into the clubs and drinking, and this is one of the newest places in town.”

A Troy University student who asked not to be identified said she’d just arrived at 315 Exchange moments before officers entered.

“The band had just started playing,” she said. “We turned around and there were about six cops walking in the front door.”

The student said officers instructed the crowd to divide up.

“Left side under 21, of age or older on the right,” she said.

As she took her place on the 21 and up side, the student said she watched as officers pulled out breathalyzers and administered tests to everyone under age.

“Everyone that didn’t pass, they sectioned them off and started arresting them,” she said. “Twenty of them were probably sorority girls.”

The club at 315 S. Three Notch was shut down for the night and law enforcement officers checked IDs for everyone who had moved to the 21-and-up side of the room before they were allowed to leave.

Price said 34 people were taken to Troy City Jail and the 17-year-old was turned over to a juvenile probation officer and then released to a guardian.

Troy Police Sgt. Benny Scarbrough said that of the 34 taken to the city jail, 24 were females and 10 were males.

Cars with sorority stickers and Troy University parking decals were still in the parking lot of the club after 9 a.m. Thursday.

Troy University officials released a statement Thursday afternoon that said 31 of the underage drinkers arrested were registered students at the university.

“According to student conduct policies, each student arrested for minor in consumption will face the student judicial process, and will be required to attend an alcohol awareness and education program,” the statement said.

The official charge for the underage drinkers, Price said, is being a minor in possession of alcohol, which is a misdemeanor offense.

The owner of the 315 Exchange is facing multiple citations and fines, Price said. However, the club is allowed to remain open for business.

“We by no means condone underage drinking,” said Bobby Robinson, owner of the 315 Exchange. “We mark them at the door when they come in.”

Robinson said his business, which opened on Nov. 12, 2011, would be serving customers again Thursday night.

“I try to do things the right way,” Robinson said. “We are going to take every step necessary to see that this doesn’t happen again.”

  • longleafpine

    Where is the 315 Exchange and who is the owner? Thought these might be pertinent questions that should have been answered in this article.

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    • Robbyn Brooks

      Hi there. The article is posted under breaking news, so the story is developing and there will be more information as the day progresses – with the full story in the print edition tomorrow and online later today. The story has already been updated several times this morning. The club is at 315 S. Three Notch and that info is in the current version of the story online. Hope that helps.

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  • Redcap

    I don’t know who owns it, but it’s the old train depot at the railroad crossing on 3 Notch St. next to 3 Notch Auto Repair.

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  • Mook

    I’m like longleafpine, I didn’t know where this place was located. I have never heard of it. Is this a place for college students and how long has it been open?

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  • kittycat99

    Why is it necessary to single out the “sorority girls” as the ones who got in trouble? The description of the cars as having sorority stickers and Troy University stickers, is not pertinent to the story. This is setting a bad reputation for the Greeks, when actually they are among the most active on campus being involved in student organizations. Had it been any of the other organizations on campus, would it have been pointed out in the same way?

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  • Noneyuh

    Its very sad this happened. I for one am all about having fun and being a college student, but when you brake the law you take on the role of being held accountable for your actions. As bad as that sucks it is apart of life and you got to deal with it like an adult. As for the sorority issue, I think it sucks that they had to be “put on blast”, but sadly when you become a brother or sister in the Greek Life you are told that you are in the eye of the school and the public, and obviously it remains true. If the numbers are correct about the ladies maybe it will be a little lesson that if you belong to a big organization to make sure it wont be known you are apart of that organization, but sadly you cant turn back time.

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  • hardluck30

    Maybe we should look more into those who allowed or encourage those to drink. Most everyone I’ve ever known has tried to drink before they were of age but were stopped by dilligent servers and bartenders.

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  • BH1880

    I remember when the legal drinking age was lowered to 18. The result was so many deaths that the age of 21 was restored. Clearly those arrested have not matured enough to except the responsibility of drinking and off to jail they go.

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  • Calonzap

    The bartender/s who served the little snot-nosed brats should be fired and never allowed to tend another bar. Then the little immature twerps who think they’re mature enough to consume alcohol should be punished appropriately. Since they’re immature children, maybe they should be made to sit in the town square for a month or so wearing a dunce cap on their empty heads. P.S. Noneyuh, it’s obvious that you’re doing nothing in college but having fun. You should be studying Spelling and English. There’s a difference between “break” and “brake” and the two (2) words aren’t interchangeable. Be sure to look them up; that way maybe you’ll remember the difference.

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  • Bill_OReally

    College is supposed to be fun and everybody drinks when they get there (well probably 90% at least try it anyway). However, some people take it to the next level.

    If Greeks don’t want to be thought of as partying booze hounds, then don’t do things like:
    1) have large numbers of members getting arrested for underage drinking,
    2) have floats in the homecoming parade that smell like Jack Daniels because the people on them are drunk at 8:00 in the morning (yes, it really happens), and
    3)throw outrageously loud and large parties in the fall.

    Other people just call it like they see it. If you don’t like your reputation, then stop reinforcing it.

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  • Bamabunny

    I wonder…how many of those cars still sitting at the 315 Exchange at 9 AM the next morning were cars that had owners that normally would have driven drunk the night before?

    I’m thinking the police and the ABC Board may have just saved some lives with those arrests.

    Greek or not…I find it so amazing at how mature one can think they are and look under the age of 21 and feeling sophisticated and grown up with a drink in hand.

    Drinks can be had for those underage by others buying them that are of age…and that is irresponsible and immature also.

    I was amazed at how much my mother learned when I was 21.

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  • Bamabunny


    There was no “perception”. They were arrested for underage drinking.

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  • rls

    I know a lot of “sorority girls” and am very aware of their life styles and how hard they work and the hours they put into helping others. I believe by singling out the “sorority girl” cars in this you are using an extremely weak example of inductive reasoning. For all you know these girls could have been driving other people home. If you’re not going to list all the bumper stickers don’t list any at all. You are singling out people that do a lot with the community and raise a LOT of money to help out many nonprofit organizations not only on campus but in our communities and the surrounding communities. You should consider the behind the scenes work that these girls put into stuff rather that the fact that their cars were left at the bar. Perhaps you should have a follow up on how many hours these girls work for our community, a community that most of them are not even from.

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  • Observer

    So many people assuming that sorority girls drinking is a bad thing. Neither the City nor the State University do much to stop it and even less to discourage it. Every drink adds to the tax coffers. Every drink makes a sister a little easier. Under-age girls usually get intoxicated more cheaply than the old pro’s and thus make college even more fun.

    So what if binge drinking results in many dropping out without a degree? By they time they give up they are burned out with the party life, have developed a tolerance to alcohol which makes them to expensive to bag, have gotten too heavy, and have aged too quickly to be any fun anyway. Coeds are like athletes, use them quickly, make as much money (or fun) off of them you can and then discard them like factory workers.

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  • alohahola

    I posted those two links showing that other people have been identified before, not just these girls.

    These underage drinkers, all of them, broke the law. They knew what they were doing. No one forced them to drink. If following the law is lame, then I am usually a lame-o person.

    FYI, I wasn’t quoted in this article. I didn’t drink underage and I didn’t say anything negative about these girls. I simply said, if Greeks feel this article reflects poorly on them, then maybe they should re-evaluate who they recruit to be members.

    I wish good things for all the kids arrested and hope that it is a one time only thing. It was a mistake. Their names aren’t listed. No sorority name is even listed. It could have been much worse for them than having them be called “sorority girls”.

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  • TSFM33

    My goodness.

    Concernedcitizen2, on behalf of Greeks everywhere I’d like to thank you for adding fuel to the fire of people who hate Greeks for no good reason.

    Whether or not someone else drank underage several years ago is beside the point. The perception is that some of our Greek sisters have chosen poorly and have been implicated in a crime. I may disagree with 21 being the drinking age, but I and everyone else who may or may not have partook prior to turning 21 did so knowing the illegality of it. Personal opinions don’t matter in the court of law.

    Should we point to this and say “Greeks are bad”? No, of course not. But we SHOULD use this as an opportunity to educate our fellow brothers and sisters on the power of perception.

    It takes years to create a positive image and just one bad might to ruin the whole thing.

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  • Omelas

    The harsh reality of stereotypes is that they are based on some sufficient fact to lead people to make generalizations.

    When you join an organization that has a bad reputation, you become part of that reputation. It doesn’t matter whether it is a frat, the Black Panthers, or the Ku Klux Klan: when you join an organization, you become a part of its persona.

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