Charles Henderson High School's Jalin Lawson (2) hits the ball during a baseball game against Rehobeth High School in Troy, Ala., Thursday, April 7, 2011. CHHS lost 6-1. (Messenger Staff Photo/Thomas Graning)

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Pre-Majors readies for success

Published 8:54pm Friday, June 17, 2011

For some baseball players, while the seasons may change, the playing time does not.

As the recreation tournament season quickly approaches, many of the teams have already hit the diamond and begun practicing.

However, there is one team that is already entered the heart of their schedule – and it is filled with some familiar faces from both Charles Henderson and Pike Liberal Arts.

Even though both teams finished their respective seasons a little over a month ago, a large majority of their players are back on the field, this time a part of the Dixie Pre-Majors teams.

The 17-player roster is made up of Michael Fox, Austin Adler, John Johnson, Luke Hastings, Joey Denison, Morgan Shaver, Rhett Tucker, Houston Mabray, Brantley Lecroy, Blake Craft, Nathan Fox, Jeffery Parker, John Michael Stephens, Zach Minor, Dustin Newman, Jalin Lawson and Lawson Stewart.

Like the Dixie Majors team, the Pre-Majors have a large amount of varsity experience, which is an attribute that head coach Brock Kelley says will play a big factor in the coming months.

“The guys really seem to be gelling well with one another,” the coach said.

“Most of them have played at a high level at some point during the high school seasons, which is good. But they are all friends and have played together before, so that is also a big help.”

So far, the team has competed against the likes of Eufaula, Enterprise and Dothan as well as in tournaments in both Troy and Montgomery.

Out of those games, the coach said one of the team’s main strengths were realized.

“I think our hitting has been one of the biggest strengths,” Kelley said.

“We are trying to instill in them the hitting mindset of staying of each of their strengths as individuals. I think even though we might not be the most talented team on the field on any given night, we play the game the right way – and that’s what I want them to understand and take away from this summer.”

It’s that kind of an attitude that the coach said he hopes his team carries with them not only throughout the tournament season but also throughout the rest of their playing days.

“If they take one thing out of this summer, I hope it’s the respect for the game,” Kelley said.

“Good things are going to happen if you respect the game and play it the right way. Every time you step on the field, you want to win. But if you play it the right way, it doesn’t matter if you win or loss. Winning a state championship or a World Series should be the goal, but helping these kids grow as players and people is always important.”

  • Loveofthegame

    Great job Coach! These boys are having fun and doing so good because you have shown them tremendous respect. A type of respect they haven’t gotten in high school ball from their coach. You will get out of them exactly what you put into to them and you have done well. These boys will miss you and your positive attitude next season, but they will always respect you for investing time in them and treating them like they can REALLY play ball. Thank you!!

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  • Lulu

    In response to Loveofthegame – thank you. Could not have said this any better!

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  • trojanman01

    see thats the problems with the kids now,their parents get on the blogs and talk trash about their high school coach if you thank the Rec coach can do a better job how bout you help the Rec coach get his degree and he can coach ball, did not both high schools in troy make the playoffs, if so he must be treating them as if they can play because they are winning with the best 9 that he sees fit. it seems to me that you think your kid or the kids you know are better then they are. i mean high school ball is not rec ball, where everbody gets to play, if your kid does not play stop bad mouthing the coach, and get your kid better, maybe sit back and watch your kid practice!!!!

    And before yall start with the BS i am not at all bad mouthing coach Brock Kelley, i hope he takes these kids all the way, because you are a good guy, and hope that happens for u and the kids!!!

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  • Loveofthegame

    trojanman01 – obviously you are clueless about the current situation of the CHHS baseball program. You see my child DOES play and so do many other kids who have the same gripes. This ain’t about playing time. And if you think having a college degree makes you a good coach you are clueless about baseball as well. But don’t take my word just ask anyone actually involved in the program and you’ll get a ear full.

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  • trojanman01

    blah blah blah, so your kids grip get over it. cluess i played baseball 20 years and coached high school ball as well maybe you dont know anything about baseball. so wats wrong with the program they didnt win state this year, or is it that the head coach is not taking any crap of you parents, maybe whats wrong with the program is the kids not doing what they are asked to do or daddy and momma yellin from the stands telling the son what to do, how bout u legt the coach, coach and u sit in the stands i mean does the coach come to your job and tell u how to flip meat at the BK, the bottom line is if you are bad mouthing the coach in the paper you are doing it at home in front of your kid

    loveofthegame your a joke

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