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Creation seminar to be held Sept. 16-18

Published 8:41pm Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hephzibah Baptist Church will hold its Creation Emphasis Seminar September 16-18, with Biblical scientific Creationist Grady S. McMurtry serving as the featured speaker for the three-day event.

McMurtry was an evolutionist for 20 years before becoming convinced of the scientific foundation for the Biblical Creation.

McMurty has experience as a scientist and a visiting professor at both the high school and collegiate level.

McMurtry has also been an expert witness for school boards on the subject of Creationism in the past.

McMurtry will speak on the 16th and 17th at 7 p.m., and will speak the morning of the 18th at both 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

The topics of the series will be “Absolutely No Truth to Global Warming”, “Why I Believe in a Young Creation”, “900 Years Old?” and “Natural Selection – Really?”.

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  • skeptic

    I guess that he can’t draw a big enough audience just trying to sell bad religion and worse science on origins of human beings. He has to bring another subject that is settled science into his talks. Climate change is not a theory but rather is going on today and there is an extremely high probability that it is caused by human activities.
    Christian literalist (fundamentalists) are of the same ilk as Muslim literalists – they just are not terrorists – no oops they do murder doctors and bomb clinics!

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  • skeptic

    When it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck it probably is a duck.

    I went to hear Dr. Grady McMurtry Thursday evening. He is a very good speaker and very good at twisting the truth by using half-truths. He also sites questionable sources and misquotes or misrepresents facts.

    As I suspected I learned that Dr. McMurtry has taken great liberty with some of his sources and others are
    paid deniers.

    He cited a climate change denier Dr. Richard S. Lindzen. Dr. Lindzen is a noted scientist who has conducted real research he also has been an Exxon-Mobile consultant at $2500 per day! That in my mind makes his writings suspect.

    He also cites Dr. Klaus-Martib Schulte. Schulte is a medical endocrinologist – his paper was rejected by at least one refereed journal and if published I believe it may have been a magazine. He is not qualified to address the subject he supposedly researched and it appears that some of his work may have been plagarism.

    He miscited Dr. Mitchell Taylor on polar bears. His conclusions are not in agreement with what McMurtry said -he said most populations were not in jeopardy. He did not that bears were not being lost to climate change or that
    some populations were not in decline.

    He also cited Dr. Ian Stirling as a source saying that climate change did not threaten polar bears. Actually,Dr. Stirling (with Dr. Andrew Derocher) wrote a response (a rebuttal) to an article by Dr. Willie Soon (paid by Exxon-Mobile). Soon’s article said that polar bears were not at risk due to climate change – the Stirling and Derocher
    article challenged/debunked that.

    Also, the data shows that most polar bear populations and especially those near the open Arctic are in
    decline – see

    Dr. McMurtry either is a very slick speaker who does not know science and really does not know that he is way off the reservation regarding what the scientific data really says or he purposely is misrepresenting the facts on climate change. Frankly he is not a climate scientist and is no more qualified than myself or any other scientist at the M.S. level in the biological sciences or environmental sciences to draw valid conclusions that challenge the overwhelming majority consensus of climate scientists. That consensus is that climate change is antropogenic, it is already underway and it represents a very real threat to modern civilization and puts millions of humans and the ecosystems that support them at risk.

    It is sad to see a church sponsor this kind of presentation. It is something one might expect from a cult not a church!

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